One week before our first appointment!

Blahhh, I really couldn’t be bothered to take a picture yesterday. So here it is, one day late. This makes me 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. At first, I refused to label myself with the clinical weeks, as they are 2 weeks ahead of reality. But now I’m like what the hell; everybody uses it as a standard, so I’ll just do the same from now on. I still marked the actual conception age below, to avoid any confusion.

My belly is slowly growing. I have to say though, I feel less bloated now. I didn’t realize at first how bloated I was the first few weeks.

Baby is in the middle of Carnegie Stage 15 right now, and is almost 1 centimeter big! The eyes and ears are still developing, as well as the heart and liver. The limb buds are making their big entrance this week.

One of the most annoying symptoms I’ve had to cope with for a week now is nausea. Oh boy! Since I didn’t have any symptoms for a while, I was fairly confident I’d be one of the lucky few who get to stroll through pregnancy without a bother, but alas, nausea it is :-/ “Morning sickness” is definitely accurate in my case. It starts the second I wake up and gets worse as soon as I’m up on my feet. I haven’t puked yet, thank God, but it feels awful! My appetite is really suffering from it. I used to eat a ton during the first 4 weeks, and now I really have to force myself through each meal. It sucks.

Just one more week before my first ultrasound. I can’t wait! I really hope everything’s okay and that we get to hear the heartbeat :-)

♥︎ Lisa