Our life right next to level 4 Brussels Lockdown

Brussels Lockdown level 4 threat alert #brusselslockdown #brusselsalert 23 November 2015 RTL TVI luc gilson le journal news press conference tv live journalist

I got a couple of messages from friends asking me if I’m okay. I suppose unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know by now that the entire Brussels district is going through a lockdown after the threat level was switched to 4 on Saturday, which is the maximum level; meaning that a terrorist attack could be imminent. We were hoping for it to go back down to at least 3 today. But yesterday’s press conference confirmed that level 4 would be maintained for now.

We don’t actually live inside the Brussels district. We live right outside of it, so technically speaking, I’m sitting here in level 3 :-) But because we’re quite close to the capital, obviously our lives are on hold right now. A lot of businesses, schools, and public buildings are closed today. So Gert didn’t have to go to work. Ever since the level was raised to 4, we’ve basically remained at home. We could have taken the car and gone shopping on Saturday, but it seemed like an unnecessary risk, even if we went to another city.

As far as noticeable effects are concerned: I haven’t left the house since Saturday and our street is always super quiet, so I can’t say I’ve actually seen anything at all. But we did notice a lot of police out last Tuesday and they were stopping people and checking their bags. Something was definitely up already.

So in a nutshell: we’re stuck at home until further notice. We’re now waiting for a press conference to start, hopefully within the next hour, and I think they’re going to announce whether level 4 will be maintained tomorrow or not. If it is, then Gert won’t be going to work tomorrow either. I can’t say we’re living in fear or anything. But it’s definitely a weird vibe. I mean, this situation is very exceptional. I’ve never ever experienced anything like this before. And for Brussels to be completely shut down like that, I don’t think this has ever even happened in the past.

I will post more updates later!