Our local World War I exhibition

We were invited to our local World War I exhibition this weekend. Gert lent them a bunch of items from his great-grandfather who served from the beginning in 1914 to the end in 1918, so 4 years straight. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, as the baby’s due any day now. But I was feeling quite okay yesterday, and the weather was nice, so we decided to go.

Gert’s name listed among the contributors:

I blanked out everyone’s last name for obvious privacy reasons.

^^ Gert’s items on display, including a horse gas mask.

Not the most flattering angle, but we’ll keep it for memory’s sake I guess!

This was entirely put together by volunteers, and the entry was free. So I was definitely impressed by the quality of it. It was so well put together. It must have taken a lot of work to achieve this result. There were three entire floors dedicated to our local soldiers and how the war affected our small area. It was quite a proud moment to see Gert’s personal items on display. I’m glad the baby waited this much longer to come, so we were able to check it out :-)

♥︎ Lisa