One week before our first appointment!

Blahhh, I really couldn’t be bothered to take a picture yesterday. So here it is, one day late. This makes me 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. At first, I refused to label myself with the clinical weeks, as they are 2 weeks ahead of reality. But now I’m like what the hell; everybody uses it as a standard, so I’ll just do the same from now on. I still marked the actual conception age below, to avoid any confusion.

My belly is slowly growing. I have to say though, I feel less bloated now. I didn’t realize at first how bloated I was the first few weeks.

Baby is in the middle of Carnegie Stage 15 right now, and is almost 1 centimeter big! The eyes and ears are still developing, as well as the heart and liver. The limb buds are making their big entrance this week.

One of the most annoying symptoms I’ve had to cope with for a week now is nausea. Oh boy! Since I didn’t have any symptoms for a while, I was fairly confident I’d be one of the lucky few who get to stroll through pregnancy without a bother, but alas, nausea it is :-/ “Morning sickness” is definitely accurate in my case. It starts the second I wake up and gets worse as soon as I’m up on my feet. I haven’t puked yet, thank God, but it feels awful! My appetite is really suffering from it. I used to eat a ton during the first 4 weeks, and now I really have to force myself through each meal. It sucks.

Just one more week before my first ultrasound. I can’t wait! I really hope everything’s okay and that we get to hear the heartbeat :-)

♥︎ Lisa

The cat knew I was pregnant before I did

Here’s a strange fun fact we’ve been telling our families about. I figured it deserves its own post here. The cat knew I was pregnant. And he knew it before I did. Don’t ask me how, because I have no idea. But about a week or so before I found out, he started acting strange.

He usually lays right next to us on the couch every evening while we watch TV. He sleeps and purrs for hours on end. A week before I found out, he sat right in front of me and started staring at me. I thought it was funny for about 5 minutes, then it started to creep me out. He literally sat there for 15 minutes straight, stared right at me, and then disappeared upstairs. I thought that was odd. He’d never done this before.

Every day after that, he would sit as far away from us as possible and stare at me. At one point he sat across the room and stared for an hour straight. I was starting to feel very uncomfortable! Gert kept calling him so he’d come sit with us, but Jules clearly wanted nothing to do with me, nor with him if I was around.

The staring went on for several weeks lol

Things are back to normal now, but it was so strange for about a month or so. I’m convinced he felt it and needed to get used to it or something. Weird, huh?

♥︎ Lisa

Week 4 – Miscarriage Scare

I haven’t posted in 5 days. I was planning to though this past weekend, but I wasn’t doing so well. We had a miscarriage scare starting Saturday, it got better on Sunday, but it became worrisome again yesterday (Monday). I’m on complete bed rest as of today, and it seems to be helping.

I can definitely feel that even the slightest activity is putting a strain on this pregnancy, so I’m just not going to risk it. I really had to muster up the will and courage to take today’s picture.

You can definitely see the belly is starting to grow now. It’s not much yet, but I’ve never in my life had this kind of pouch.

Our bug now looks like a baby dinosaur! All the basic facial features are now starting to develop; such as the eyes, ears, nose, etc. It’s now half a centimeter big. The umbilical cord is slowly starting to develop as well.

Since the scare though, I have to admit that my enthusiasm has crashed pretty low. I’m now realizing that a positive pregnancy test doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll have a baby 9 months later.

Right now, I really don’t know if I’ll be holding a baby in my arms in September. I just have to be patient now and hope for the best. The first ultrasound is in 2 weeks. It feels like an eternity. And I know there’s no point scheduling an appointment sooner, because it’s too early to detect a heartbeat anyway. All they’ll be able to tell me is that the baby is still there; which I already know. *sigh*

Hang in there, little one!

♥︎ Lisa

Just to be sure

I almost started doubting this pregnancy, because I don’t feel ANYTHING and have absolutely no symptoms. So I went ahead and bought a new pregnancy test.

It turned positive instantly. So there’s no doubt anymore that I am definitely pregnant with our first baby! I think it was also a fun thing to do while Gert was at home today; since I used the first test last week while he was at work. Now we were able to check out the test right away together. It’s funny, because this confirmation was almost like a new announcement to him. He was so happy!

Before I took it, we joked about “can you imagine if the first test was wrong and that this one turns negative? After we’ve told the parents!” LOL That would be embarrassing!

Now that we definitely know for sure, he’s going to tell his band tonight. Their singer is actually 4 months pregnant, so it’s a funny coincidence. I’m curious to hear about their reactions when he comes home later tonight. I hope she doesn’t think we decided to copy her lol We actually started trying in June, so, not our fault!

♥︎ Lisa

Day 22 – so far so good

So here we are, at our 22nd day into this pregnancy. I feel absolutely nothing … which still makes me wonder if there’s anything in there at all.

Our bug has entered the scary ugly phase, as today marks the beginning of Carnegie Stage 10. I can’t wait for it to start looking like an actual baby, because this isn’t doing it for me!

Our little alien bug is now 3 millimeters big! We won’t really see any significant changes now until Monday. Next week, it will finally start to look like a tiny primitive fetus; instead of something of the insect variety … Definitely looking forward to that!

♥︎ Lisa