New Profile Picture 2014

It was very much time for a new profile picture! So here’s the official 2014 portrait, which I will use on all my social media accounts. I’ve already updated my twitter pic, and will update the other websites after this. My previous picture hit the one year mark last week, so it was definitely time for something new!

I like that this one shows my wedding ring :-p

♥︎ Lisa

One week already

Exactly one week ago today, I found out that I’m pregnant! It still doesn’t feel real to me though. I’m thinking about buying another pregnancy test this week just so I can be reassured and see it turn positive. I just don’t “feel” pregnant. I have no symptoms whatsoever, so that probably has a lot to do with it. I feel a bit more tired than usual, I sleep more, and I get out of breath quicker, and I also feel a bit dizzy in between meals. But even that is nothing extreme and could easily be overlooked if I wasn’t aware of the pregnancy.

I’m eagerly waiting for my first appointment on February 19th. I’ll be (clinically speaking) 8 weeks (which is really 6 weeks). And if I can hear the heartbeat and see at least SOMETHING on the screen, it will make it much more real to me, I’m sure.

Right now, there’s nothing I can do except eat healthy and take it easy. I’ve made it a point to stay as relaxed as possible, and I’ve banned heavy physical efforts from my routine. I do enjoy walking a lot though, and I wish my dog Jack was still alive, because he’d be the perfect excuse right now for long afternoon walks. Two things that make part of my daily menu now: fresh home made soup and junk-free smoothies made with fresh fruit.

I was so sure I’d be one of those candy-addicted types, but my sweet tooth has taken a seat back. I mainly enjoy home cooked meals now with veggies and meat and sauce + potatoes of any kind. I don’t really care for desserts anymore; which is nothing like my usual self. Here’s the official “Day 21” belly picture; minus the cat:

I don’t feel as bloated as last week, so that’s good. And contrary to the cliché: I don’t have any mood swings. I’ve never been prone to them in the first place, so I guess at this point I can say I’m completely immune.

As of yesterday, our little peanut has reached the Carnegie Stage 9 and looks like this:

You can clearly see the beginning of a brain.

Very exciting stuff happening today. Cells that will form the heart and central nervous system are starting to kick in. It’s too early for a placenta with amniotic fluid, so our little 2 millimeter baby is still getting its nutrients from a yolk sac for now.

♥︎ Lisa

Second step done: announced to his parents!

We have lunch with his parents every Friday, so we figured today would be the perfect occasion to break the news to them. I assumed they wouldn’t be crazy excited, since this will be their third grandchild. I mean, obviously, I knew they’d be happy. But I figured, you know, it’s the third time around for them, so no huge deal. However, I was surprised. His mom actually got teary eyed, and they were both very happy and excited. We really can’t keep any secrets, so we even already discussed first names, haha!

Today’s ticker shows:

Today’s belly shot, at Day 17. I obviously failed to take one yesterday, but I guess it’s no big deal to miss one every now and then. I plan on wearing the same outfit in each shot, so the difference will be easier to see as time goes by.

Today also marks the beginning of a new stage. Here’s what Baby will look like for the next 3 days (until Monday):

Here’s the source page with all the details. Our little embryo is now already a little over 1 mm big! It sounds ridiculously small, but it seems crazy to me that – technically speaking – it would already be visible to the naked eye. Because just two days ago, when I made my previous post, it was barely 0.4 mm!

I feel very bloated today, and I think it shows in my picture. I do have a bit of a belly right now. But obviously, since Baby is barely one millimeter big, it can’t be because of that lol I suppose the pregnancy in general is just causing a lot of extra bloat. I also started feeling a bit more tired, and even dizzy. I’m taking it easy all day, and intend to stay quiet and relaxed for the next 9 months. The pinching I felt throughout my whole uterus the past few days is practically gone now. I do feel a pinch here and there every now and then, but almost nothing compared to the beginning. Still no morning sickness or anything unpleasant. I have been feeling more hungry. My stomach feels (and even sounds lol) empty several times a day; which was never the case before. I try not to overeat, since that’s not necessarily good either. But I definitely eat more than usual now.

These first few days have felt like they went by so slowly. I can’t wait to be a little further along!

♥︎ Lisa

First step done: announced to my mom!

I announced the big news to my mom today! She definitely didn’t see it coming. I think she was a bit too shocked to even react properly lol It was quite funny. We ended up chatting the entire afternoon about stuff I’m going to need, things that we’ll be able to do once the baby’s here, trips we can take, fun shopping sprees to come, etc :-)

It was a really nice afternoon, all in good spirits. Just the two of us!

Tomorrow, we’ll tell Gert’s parents. Exciting!

♥︎ Lisa