Pink Tuesday

pink portrait bright tshirt forever21 headband lisa kristie lisakristie

Good Lord, I need a haircut. I haven’t been to the hairdresser in over two years (!!!) Quite embarrassing, really. At first, I said I would make an appointment for my wedding, which I didn’t do because I ended up doing my hair myself lol Then I was going to have it done before Sam’s birth, which didn’t happen because I felt like crap the entire last month, and then of course everything went to Hell and so, at that point, I REALLY couldn’t be bothered anymore. But now I’m posting it on my blog, so I *HAVE* to keep my word and schedule an appointment soon! Pinky promise.

And here are some of the bracelets I mentioned in my previous post:

pink white pearl bracelets forever21 forever 21 haul

Got a fabulous deal on them, as they only cost 5€ for a pack of 6 (the other three have rhinestones). I love them!

♥︎ Lisa