Poor Little Wolfie

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Barely two weeks shy of his 6th birthday, and we have to get Wolfie started on heart medication. 😢 I knew soon after we got him that he had a weak heart, which would require lifelong medication at some point. He wasn’t showing any symptoms yet, so I was hopeful we’d be able to go without meds for many years. But alas, the first signs appeared last week.

At first, I wasn’t actually sure what was going on. It seemed like he had choked on a piece of carrot (his favorite treat) and was trying to cough it up. This happened in the morning, and by the evening it still hadn’t gotten better, so I was already suspecting something else. Solid tears were flowing down his face. I was wondering if it could be some kind of pollen allergy, since everything is in bloom at the moment. But on the second day, we decided to have it checked out.

The vet said right away that it was most probably his heart. I felt really bummed, although not entirely surprised. They took an x-ray of his chest, and we could clearly see that his heart was significantly enlarged, pushing against his windpipe and basically causing the whole air passage to his longs to be crooked. Needless to say his breathing is affected by this; which explains the constant coughing.

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He’s now on two different types of pills. One to soothe his crooked trachea; which is only temporary. And Fortekor, for his heart, which I’ll have to give him every single day for the rest of his life. We’ll be going back to the vet in a month to see whether his heart has improved. We’re hoping that for now, the Fortekor pills will be enough. But the vet already said that we may very well end up giving him several different heart pills. He’s practically not allowed to go on walks anymore, unless it’s a short distance at a slow pace, and only if the temperature is ideal (around 20°C); not too hot and not too cold. That really sucks. 😞

Right now, he seems okay though. If it wasn’t for the occasional cough, you wouldn’t even know there’s anything wrong with him. His eyes no longer tear, so I’m hopeful the medication is slowly doing its job. Fingers crossed for better news at our next appointment. 🙏