Pregnancy – Week 11

Something strange happened with my nausea these past few days: while it seems to have lessened throughout the day and evening, the nausea I’m now dealing with in the morning is much more extreme. I’ve come this close to actually vomiting on Saturday morning and this morning too. Good thing I have a puke phobia; so my body tends to fight the urge as hard as it can and basically leaves me unable to vomit at all. Seriously, I haven’t puked since I was maybe 6 years old or so. I’m not kidding. But at least the feeling of nausea does seem to have lessened a bit during the rest of the day and the evening. This has allowed me to regain a decent sense of appetite; although it’s not 100% yet. At least there are more foods I can enjoy again instead of feeling totally disgusted and not hungry.

I also started feeling since last week (so, week 10) that everything that’s growing is now awkwardly pushing against my bladder. It’s a pretty annoying feeling. Interestingly enough, I had the exact same thing around the same timing with Sam as well.

Here’s what I look like today:

My hair is in dire need of an intervention. I’d like to lighten it up a bit, but I’m going all hippie on this pregnancy and not using any chemicals on my body. So, no hair dye, no nail varnish, no perfume, no body lotion on my belly, nothing. I’m going 100% natural this time around. The result being that I look like shit and it’s only going to get worse lol Small sacrifice, I guess?

lilypie pregnancy ticker fetal development growth baby 11 weeks week eleven first trimester evolution size ticker pregnancy fetal development baby growth size evolution 11 weeks week eleven first trimester

I noticed that the pink ticker (the first one on top) seems to be off in terms of measurement. It’s always been one centimeter ahead of what our bug actually measured during each ultrasound so far, and I found this website which matches our ultrasound’s measurements perfectly: So I think this link is actually more accurate than Lilypie’s pregnancy ticker; meaning that Baby probably measures closer to 4cm right now instead of 5.

We’re invited to my brother-in-law’s place on Christmas eve. I suppose we’ll have no choice but to announce my pregnancy then. I mean, as soon as I turn down champagne, they’ll know anyway. I would have rather waited until next week’s ultrasound and genetic screening is done, but what can I do, right? I can only hope that all those tests come out with good results so we won’t have to announce bad news again. I think I would be able to hide my belly quite well with the right clothing on, but since we’re going to announce it, I guess I won’t even bother. I purchased a pair of pregnancy tights today. They’re super comfortable. All I can say is: these things are perfect to use as early as 10 weeks! Or Hell, even sooner if you’ve got a ton of bloat. The picture on the packaging shows a 9 month pregnant belly. But to be honest, I don’t think it will be very comfortable when I’m that far along. Conclusion: buy your tights for the first and second trimester. I wish someone had told me this the first time around. I always assumed they’d be way too big this early on. How wrong I was.

While we were at the store, we also went ahead and purchased our very first fetal doppler:

luvion fetal doppler with gel and earbuds

Luvion fetal doppler front and back

It comes with a gel and everything lol It’s something I had considered buying when I was expecting Sam. But since it was such an easy and problem-free pregnancy, I assumed it was basically a gadget, and so I didn’t bother. I don’t really regret not buying it back then. Truth be told, I don’t think I would have used it as methodically and regularly as I would now. So, it wouldn’t have saved him anyway. But, having lost Sam, I’m now determined to use any tool I can to monitor this baby very closely. I also plan on educating myself on how to accurately monitor and count the daily kicks; which I wasn’t nearly as obsessed about before as I am now. I purchased a special agenda which will be dedicated to all my baby monitoring as of January.

That’s about it for now. We also purchased a little Winnie The Pooh bathrobe which we’d been eyeing at the store since I was 7 months pregnant with Sam. And believe it or not: they still had two in stock today; a year and a half later. What were the odds? I purchased the smaller size (age 1 to 1.5 y/o). It’s neutral enough to suit both genders. I will post a picture much later on.