Pregnancy – Week 12

My belly doesn’t seem to be growing right now. I do feel more changes inside though. I’ve been feeling more on & off pressure on and around my bladder. I don’t know. I’m not too worried about the lack of a visible round bump right now. There was also a point with Sam when my belly seemed to remain the same for a couple of weeks. And then *pop* it became obvious all of a sudden. So I’m expecting the same to happen again.

lilypie pregnancy ticker fetal development growth baby size chart 12 weeks week twelve first trimester pregnancy ticker fetal development baby size growth chart 12 weeks week twelve first trimester

Those two fetal growth tickers look more and more like bullshit to me. The first one claims that Baby is about 7.5cm by now; when a more realistic chart says it’s expected to measure between 5.5cm in the beginning of the week, and 6.5cm towards the end of the week. And the second one claims that my second trimester just started, when really, this is the last week of my first trimester. *eye roll* Oh well, the baby icons are cute and fun to see evolve over the weeks.

I’m secretly enjoying the fact that almost nobody knows about this pregnancy right now. We did announce it to my brother-in-law and his wife on Christmas Eve, but it remains within a very small closed circle. Part of me wants to keep it a secret until this baby is hopefully born alive and well, and then casually post a picture of my newborn, like: here it is. Done. You don’t see many people doing that these days. It feels refreshing. That sense of privacy. Even all my pregnancy related posts are published in a private manner right now, and I have no idea when – or even if – I will make them public. I guess it would be weird not to. But, I don’t have a time frame in mind right now. So we’ll see.

Something scary did happen to me on Saturday: I was sitting in the living room when all of a sudden I started feeling unwell. I couldn’t pin point exactly what was wrong, but I just felt overall bad. I started feeling dizzy, my head was hurting, my ears started feeling like they were plugged, and my breathing became quite rapid. I couldn’t seem to slow it down. I felt hot, and then I felt cold sweat. Just horrible. I grabbed my blood pressure meter and had a quick check, and sure enough: my blood pressure had risen to 131/75. It’s not extremely high, but it’s definitely unusually high for me. My blood pressure is generally very low. My heart was also racing at 100 BPM. And again, that’s very unusual for me. My heart rate is normally somewhere between 70 and 80 BPM. Things eventually got back to normal after an hour. But it was so scary. I wrote down everything and will definitely mention it at my next appointment on Wednesday. I hope high blood pressure will not become an extra risk factor in this pregnancy. I do not need this added worry right now!

Nausea has actually gotten somewhat better. I think it’s slowly starting to decrease, which is good news. Although I realize it could be another while before it’s completely gone. But oh well. This is the first time since I’m pregnant that it’s actually evolved in a downward trend. Albeit subtly.

And on a funner note, here’s the baby book I ordered and picked up at the store last week:

Het Babyboek Manteau Monteau bruin beertje Baby's eerste levensjaar zwangerschap bevalling

Het Babyboek Manteau Monteau bruin beertje Baby's eerste levensjaar zwangerschap bevalling

It’s in Dutch, because that’s obviously our language.

I realize how absolutely ridiculous it is to have ordered this when I was barely 10 weeks pregnant. But it was my very last chance to get one. They were completely sold out, and they just barely accepted to order an extra one for me, as they weren’t even sure if the supplier had any left. So I just couldn’t waste that chance. They have other baby memory books in stock, but they’re different and they’re not as nice as this one.

It makes it extra ridiculous that there’s really only one page dedicated to the pregnancy lol The whole book is meant to be filled out during the entire first year after birth. There’s a page dedicated to the choice of Baby’s first name, then there’s a page where we can glue newspaper clippings from Baby’s day of birth, as well as some short family history, some hair clippings, the birth announcement, first words, first milestones, pictures, you name it. It’s something I wish had existed back when I was born. I would definitely enjoy flipping through such pages and discover what my first year was like. It makes me sad that I didn’t even think to get one for Sam. But then at the same time I guess it would have been awful to have had his memory book ready to be filled out, and then left forever empty … 😞

Anyway, from a much more practical perspective, here’s the 2016 agenda I bought:

Now this is serious stuff. I bought it specifically because it has an hourly layout, as this is meant to become my detailed pregnancy log. Absolutely everything will be monitored. My food and beverage intake, my weight, blood pressure, heart rate, my temperature, sleeping hours, activities, any physical signs or symptoms that are worth mentioning such as headaches, back aches, throat pain in case of a cold or more severe sickness. And when I start feeling the baby move, every single kick will be written down and kept track of. I will also start using the fetal doppler in about a month, so that will also be added to the list. It’s going to be extreme. I was nowhere near as obsessed about details when I was expecting Sam. But I feel like I have no choice. I cannot lose another baby.