Pregnancy – Week 13

Hello second trimester! I was eagerly waiting for you!

I honestly feel like my belly remains the same every single week. I don’t know if it’s the way I’m taking pictures this time around. I mean, this long black top was supposed to provide a better contrast against the pale background. But I’m starting to think that the bare belly pictures I took with Sam were better. Hmmffff. pregnancy ticker fetal growth development 13 weeks week thirteen second trimester baby size evolution

thebump pregnancy ticker fetal growth development 13 weeks week thirteen second trimester baby size evolution

This past week sucked. I’ve been struggling with this horrible cold and it’s still not over. Pretty sure I caught it from Gert. He was able to get his flu shot mid-December, which not only protects against the flu (at least hopefully), but also generally helps diminish cold viruses (there’s no actual proof of this, but it’s something I noticed from my own personal experience). So basically his cold was over in 3 days time and he barely suffered any symptoms. Unfortunately, since I was still in my first trimester, I wasn’t allowed to get my flu shot yet, so my body’s struggling to get rid of this virus. My brother- and sister-in-law swore high and low that pregnant women have an increased immune system … It sounded like utter bullshit to me, so I looked it up, and of course they were wrong. It’s the opposite. Pregnant women have a weakened immune system. Which is why pregnant women are always urged to stay on top of their vaccines. Pffft. I don’t know why people keep spreading those silly old wives tales. It does nobody any good. I wish they would check the facts before throwing such statements around. It never fails to annoy me these days.

Anyway, here I am, waiting for this stupid cold to pass so that I can get my flu shot as soon as possible. Gert’s parents are also sick, and I just want to avoid them completely for the next few weeks. I want to lock myself up at home and not be in contact with anyone who coughs or sneezes.

My nausea has definitely decreased. Although there are still moments when I’m up on my feet and I experience the most violent puke reflex. I got this close to throwing up in our hallway the other day. Lovely! For some odd reason I’m fine when I’m sitting or lying down. Weird, right? I noticed something new these past few days: my body is starting to need more calories throughout the days. I’m slowly starting to have to eat more frequent small portions throughout the day, otherwise I get dizzy and start feeling weak.

I also called yesterday to get my blood results from last week. This was mainly to calculate the risk of T21. I was supposed to call on Monday but was unable to. They only offer a small window on Monday afternoon between 2PM and 3:30PM. So, tough shit if you happen to be busy and unable to call during that one hour and a half! Sooo… I called the next day, hoping to be able to get my results anyway. My call was transferred to the actual doctor I saw last week, instead of a midwife who usually deals with those things. And of course, I could tell right away that the doctor was annoyed that I dared call on a different day than instructed. I’m sorry our whole lives and schedules don’t necessarily fit into that 1 hour and 30 minutes that you graciously provide once a week on Mondays only. I mean, come on!! Anyway, she rushed through the results and was like “yeah, it’s fine, it’s low risk. Goodbye.” Ugh. What the fuck? I mean, I’m glad it’s low risk, but a little more detailed info would have been nice. The midwife I had on the phone during Sam’s pregnancy went over each point and explained what it all meant. It was reassuring. Now I’m basically left hoping that she didn’t rush over my results like she rushed through our conversation, and hopefully didn’t overlook anything. Part of me is tempted to call back next week on Monday and speak to the midwife instead, in the hopes of getting more details.

Now on a completely different note: I’m thinking about testing my doppler for the first time later this week. I’ve promised myself not to panic if I can’t find a heartbeat with it. I’ve heard it can be tricky, especially before 20 weeks. And even towards the very end. I still haven’t decided yet if I would use it daily at some point or what. It sounds like it can be quite unreliable. I guess it’s just more of an extra tool that could be useful, in combination with other things, such as closely monitoring fetal movement for example. I’ve also accepted the fact that finding a heartbeat doesn’t mean that the baby might not be in distress. It only means that the baby’s still alive. *sigh* So many unpleasant things to keep in mind. That being said, it will be nice to record it on video, just for memory’s sake. I wish I had a video of Sam’s heartbeat. 😢