Pregnancy – Week 16

Finally, a picture! I regret a little bit not having taken any picture during my first trimester; unlike during my other pregnancies. Although quite frankly, there was absolutely nothing to see anyway, besides some early pregnancy bloat. I seem to have suddenly popped overnight at the beginning of week 16. So I felt like now was the time to take a first belly shot.

Also, because it was suddenly becoming so obvious, we decided to announce it to our closest family (my mom, Gert’s parents, and Gert’s brother). More distant family and friends still don’t know. I’m in no rush to share the news. I feel pretty much the same as I did when expecting Emery; it’s nice and refreshing not to let people know and keep a low profile about it.

I’m not planning to take weekly pictures like I did the previous times. It’s becoming a bit redundant. And when comes that time of the year when I go through all my pictures and decide which ones to get printed, I never print every single one of the weekly belly shots anyway. So I’ll take just enough to document this pregnancy, but no more than necessary. Besides, I don’t exactly have tons of spare time on my hands anymore, like before Emery was born.

I have to say, except for the fact that my hair looks like shit these days, I am quite pleased about this first shot. I should take some time in the near future to continue improving my camera skills. It’s so worth it.

Anyway, enough chit chatting. Here’s a little health update: no more hospital checkup planned until the end of October. I still don’t feel this baby move at all. And I mean, nothing. Nada. With Sam and Emery, I could start to feel some subtle flutters and little things here and there. So, even though it was subtle and still made me doubt whether that was really it or not, it’s such a radical difference this time around. I literally don’t feel ANYTHING. God, that stupid placenta better move around a bit soon. Being able to monitor baby’s movements is what I try to focus on in order to keep myself calm. Now I feel like I’m blindly progressing into this pregnancy, without any clue at all as to how things are going in there. I initially thought the doppler might be a good solution, so I’d be able to hear his movements and his heartbeat whenever I want to. But, because the placenta is so much in the front, the doppler can’t seem to get through it and pick up anything. My last hospital appointment revealed the exact same issue with their professional doppler. We were waiting for the heartbeat to sound through, and nothing happened! I was seriously starting to sweat. Luckily, the doctor didn’t drag things on and went ahead and pulled out the ultrasound machine right away. We saw baby on the screen moving beautifully, with a perfect heartbeat. But good God, this anterior placenta is an annoying issue!

In other news this week: I caught a cold from Gert. I felt like absolute crap on Saturday, and was even starting to worry that I’d have to monitor my temperature, for baby’s sake. My symptoms were 10 times worse than Gert’s. Then luckily, despite being much heavier, it all cleared up quite fast. I seriously need to get our yearly flu shots at the pharmacy next week.

That’s about it for now. More later!