Pregnancy – Week 16

Hello week 16! I’m feeling so great right now. I’ve got tons of energy, I’m no longer nauseous, my belly is growing but it’s not too big and uncomfortable yet, so I’m still able to do a ton of things around the house. I don’t know what came over me this past week, but I got into a frantic cleaning / organizing obsession. The house is spotless right now. Holy crap. I even emptied all the kitchen cabinets and reorganized absolutely everything. The countertop has never looked this empty. And I started cooking fresh meals like some crazy housewife. Whoever knows me personally will laugh at this, because my skills in the kitchen generally don’t go past putting a pizza in the oven. lol I even started putting together a binder that contains recipes and ideas for future meals. Seriously, what is happening to me?

Anyway, here’s what my belly looks like in my regular, non-pregnancy clothes. I’m wearing low-rise sweatpants:

And here with my maternity pants; which I JUST started wearing last week:

I find it interesting how – even though the maternity stuff is more comfortable – it’s not actually more flattering. I look bigger in them than in my non-maternity stuff. At least that’s how I feel when I look at my own pictures right now. Maybe outsiders will disagree.

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Baby is definitely growing fast right now. Movements are becoming much more obvious. They sometimes feel like muscle spasms, which I remember being the exact same feeling when Sam started moving in the beginning. Now, I don’t know if this one is much more active in general than Sam was, or if it’s just me feeling movements much better than the first time around, but I feel this little one so often! I haven’t actually started writing down any accurate kick count, because it’s way too early for that anyway. But I might start sooner than I had originally planned.

On a completely unrelated note: we went to the pharmacy last Thursday because I had just run out of my prenatal vitamins and needed a new box. The lady behind the counter asked if I was already pregnant, and I said “yes”. She congratulated me with a big smile and then handed me this purple box filled with free goodies and discount vouchers:

paarse doos

I had never even heard of this before. Nobody ever gave this to me when I was expecting Sam. God, I hate my old pharmacy. This new pharmacy is way better. There are several vouchers with 20€ discounts as well as some others with 20% discounts on maternity clothes, baby clothes, mineral water, body lotions, you name it. I even got a 15% discount on hardwood floors. LOL! Seriously.

Anyway, my next prenatal appointment is on Friday morning. We won’t get to see our baby this time, as there won’t be an ultrasound. But we will get to hear the heart through the doppler. I’m a bit bummed that I won’t get to see our little one and how much its grown by now, but at the same time I feel more peaceful about just hearing the doppler instead. The ultrasound remains a bit traumatic, because this is how we found out that Sam had died. So every time the screen gets switched on, I’m on the verge of a panic attack until they tell me the heart is beating. Sometimes my anxiety gets really bad in that particular situation.

Only 153 days until I get induced!