Pregnancy – Week 17

Week 16 ended on a crappy note yesterday, with a crazy high blood pressure of 142/113, and an increased heart rate of 120 BPM. I felt absolutely awful. I could feel my heart pumping like crazy, I started getting dizzy and my ears started ringing. And then I started having breathing issues. The fact that we had to leave right then to have lunch with my in-laws didn’t help the matter. So when I walked in and they asked me how I was doing, I answered with my usual honesty: “BAD. My blood pressure is skyrocketing and I feel like crap.” They all looked stunned and then my mother-in-law asked me how much my blood pressure was, to which she then responded: “Is that bad? Mine is 142/80.” Yes, that’s bad! And her 142/80 isn’t brilliant either. I’ve never seen anyone care as little about their health as she does. (Although I’ll admit I may be on the other extreme end of the spectrum lol). She basically has high blood pressure stage 1, and with my 142/113 yesterday, I was stage 2. Stage 3 is when you need to seek immediate medical assistance.

By the way, if you want to keep your blood pressure in check, this is a very helpful website: Obviously, you need to have your own blood pressure meter on hand if you want to keep track of it regularly. Mine has a handy indicator on the side that shows whether it’s fine (green), borderline bad (orange), or too high (red), with the different stages indicated.

Anyway, things got back to normal and remained that way the whole day today. Although I still felt a bit dizzy and had a headache. It was nothing compared to yesterday.

So here I am, looking bigger and bigger. Now, I always knew spaghetti straps are not my friends, but this picture definitely proves it. Fashion choices are scoring pretty low on my list of priorities these days, obiously.

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I haven’t felt any of the muscle spams I kept feeling between week 14 and 16. I guess it really wasn’t fetal movement after all! How bizarre! The doctor said I would probably start to feel movements more clearly later next week (week 18). I cannot wait! As soon as I feel it clearly enough, I will start keeping track and doing accurate kick counts each day. Not sure if this will help decrease or increase my paranoia … Meanwhile I’m still clinging to my countdown: