Pregnancy – Week 18

Okay, so maybe wearing a white sweater in front of a white background wasn’t such a good idea. But this will have to do for now. I’ll try to stick to more contrasting colors from now on.

Thank God, I’m finally starting to feel this baby move more clearly. Yesterday evening, around 9PM, was the very first time I felt it without a doubt, and I even felt it with my hand on my belly. But I have to say, in general, it’s still not 100% obvious all the time. I mainly feel some sort of ball of pressure moving around when the baby is turning. And it feels especially uncomfortable when he / she decides to rest on my bladder.

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Baby is slowly starting to fatten up nicely. I can’t wait to leave the 10 digit weeks behind and move on to the 20’s. I’m also really looking forward to next week’s ultrasound so we can see how much he / she has grown, and hopefully find out the gender!

I still get somewhat unwell every now and then. I just can’t figure out what causes it. I used to think it was because of my blood pressure suddenly going up, but I had this again last Wednesday and my blood pressure was fine. There does seem to be one common factor at play each time: it happens after I get up super late, and have basically been lying in bed for over 10 hours. I’m wondering if staying in a lying position for too long may have something to do with it. Or perhaps it’s the breakfast I have afterwards that does something to my blood sugar. Who knows? I’ll definitely mention it next week. Each time it happens I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest because of how hard it’s pumping. I get dizzy and breathing gets a bit frantic. It’s extremely annoying, and sometimes borderline scary.

I will start to tidy up the nursery as of next week. It’s turned into one hell of a junk room in the past 6 months, so all my personal belongings need to get out of there and make space for baby stuff only. We’ve bought a few extra basic clothing pieces made of plain white cotton. I think I’m all set for now in terms of basic underlayers. So now I will start to purchase more clothes to wear on top, like little sweaters and pants and cardigans. Maybe some dresses? Although I doubt that … lol If the doctor confirms it’s a boy next week, clothing choices won’t be such a dilemma anymore.

I can’t believe I still haven’t announced it to 99% of the people we know. As difficult as it was not to announce it right away the first time around, this time it’s the exact opposite. I’m so much enjoying the fact that no one knows, except for a few members of our immediate family. I don’t have to deal with people asking me how the baby’s doing, how the pregnancy’s coming along, how my last appointment went and when’s the next one, etc. No one’s trying to gather updates left and right through common friends or family members. It’s NICE! My mom suggested that maybe I could announce it to the rest of my family after next week, when we know the gender. I said “sure”, but honestly, I think I’ll give it another month at least. I don’t see the rush. I’m enjoying this peaceful time for now.

As far as social media is concerned, I think I’ve pretty much decided that I won’t announce my pregnancy at all. I’m trying to stay open minded about posting a picture of my baby after it’s born. But I’m starting to feel like I won’t actually share any of it. It’s kind of refreshing to be that one person who doesn’t post it all for everyone to see. But, like I said, I’ll try to stay open minded about it and basically see how I feel about it when the baby’s born. We’ll see.

I would like to make all my pregnancy-related blog posts public at some point though. But I really don’t know when. Maybe some time in July when I’m home with my baby and that I’m starting to settle into a new routine. Again, we’ll see!

Anyway, Gert has the whole week off. I think we might go swimming on Thursday, since the doctor suggested this to gently strengthen my muscles and hips. My hips are starting to really hurt, by the way. I think it started around week 14 or week 15. But it was very sporadic. Now it’s almost every night, and keeps hurting through part of the morning, hours after I’ve gotten up. Pffft. Looks like the last trimester will be horrible.

139 more days to go before I get induced!!! Still praying that my baby and I get there safely.