Pregnancy – Week 22

I know it looks like I’m morphing into a true bohemian and that my sense of style has gone down the drain for good. But this is only temporary. I’m just enjoying lazy clothes right now.

Well, there’s officially no way to hide this belly anymore. Even Gert’s dentist noticed it today, and I was wearing a baggy sweater with a large scarf over it. As of this week, I can no longer close my Winter coat. I’m actually surprised I managed to zip it up for so long. I saw they sell maternity coats at the shop where we bought my PJ bottoms and swimwear a while ago. But I don’t think I’ll bother investing in one. It’s March now, so surely Spring should be right around the corner.

I’ve been feeling so exhausted for about a week now. The fact that my uncle entered palliative care on March 4th (my birthday … 😢 ) probably has a lot to do with it. It’s been emotionally draining and the physical repercussions on my second trimester body are quite obvious. The amount of sleep I need every night is ridiculous. And even though I manage to get through my days without taking a nap, I can definitely feel my eyes are getting tired and tend to want to close at random hours.

I’ve been thinking about the difference in diet between this pregnancy and Sam’s pregnancy. I remember always being so insanely hungry when I was expecting Sam. I ate a ton, and I craved junk food like there was no tomorrow. That’s not to say I indulged in hamburgers on a regular basis, but I’m definitely eating more vegetables this time around. I’m not sure why that is. My appetite is no different than when I’m not pregnant. I don’t have particular cravings. I’m no longer drooling over McDonald’s and Pizza Hut commercials. And I actually started cooking fresh meals every day of the week. If you know me personally, you’ll know that this is pretty much a miracle from the Heavens above.

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Baby has been so active! I love it. He really makes it easy for me to stay calm, because of the insane amount of movements I feel throughout the day. I’m constantly reassured that he’s still alive and thriving. This is exactly the kind of baby I need during this particular pregnancy. It makes me laugh that the brown ticker says: “Settling into sleep cycles, baby is sleeping 12-14 hours a day”. Well, not mine!

It bothers me that we still don’t have a name for this child. Gert has started calling him random names each time he asks me if he’s been active. I always burst out laughing with his creativity, but they are so ridiculous and over-the-top that it’s all turning into a big joke lol We’ll seriously have to sit down and decide about it some time soon. I don’t really want to go through the rest of this pregnancy without knowing his name.

I can’t wait to meet this little firecracker! Sixteen more weeks to go. In ten days, the countdown will be less than 100 days! Wow!