Pregnancy – Week 24

I meant to post my weekly update on Tuesday, March 22nd, but with the terrorist attacks that had just happened at the Brussels airport and the metro, I was obviously glued to my TV screen and had other things on my mind. The past few days have felt surreal. I’ve pondered about whether to make a separate blog post about the attacks and how it’s affecting us and our daily life, but I honestly don’t even know where to begin. So I will abstain for now. I just can’t believe that this is the second attack since I found out I’m pregnant. First there was Paris, on November 13th 2015; which was barely 9 days after I found out I was expecting. I remember thinking to myself “what kind of world are we bringing this child into?”. And now the Brussels attacks, as I’m sitting here, 6 months pregnant … It’s sad.

Week 24 – Baby is now considered viable, which means that if he’s born now, they will do whatever it takes to try to keep him alive, whereas last week, they wouldn’t have even tried at all. There’s something about this that really bothers me. They should try no matter when it happens, even if chances are next to void.

But anyway, here I am now, with the sole responsibility on my shoulders to notice in time if anything goes wrong. I should start packing a hospital bag soon. Even if just a temporary basic one. You just never know.

My body’s been acting pretty funky this past week. It’s mainly my digestive system that’s bothering me. I know this is supposed to be a common issue during pregnancy, but I never had any of this during my first pregnancy. So why now? I get the most horrible abdominal cramps. It’s like sometimes my whole digestive tract gets jammed. I thought I had found the culprit last week, after I had upped my fibre intake (as advised by most pregnancy-related literature). I felt like my body wasn’t agreeing with those extra fibres and wanted nothing to do with it. So I cut back and switched to my regular routine instead. I felt absolutely fine for several days, so I thought for sure I had solved the problem. But then the worst cramps came back with a vengeance yesterday. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s just hormones. Who knows? I’ll mention it at my next prenatal appointment. Even though I know the doctor will just shrug and not think much of it.

Stomach acid also tortured me 3 nights in a row. I must absolutely remember to ask which antacids are safe to take next time we go to the hospital. Because I remember dealing with the most horrible acid reflux when I was expecting Sam, and I pray to God I will find some miracle solution so that I won’t be dealing with that again. *Fingers crossed*

Another lovely symptom that recently made its appearance is restless legs syndrome. Although in my case, it’s really just one leg. I don’t even understand any of this; why this is happening and how to improve it. I hope it doesn’t worsen. I had this pretty bad when I was expecting Sam. Not fun at all!

I’ve also had a few more bouts of mysterious heart rate increase, shortness of breath, ears feeling plugged, and just feeling overall bad. I always check my blood pressure when it happens, but it’s never too high. If anything, it’s actually more on the low side. Today it was 87/68 … This would normally be excellent, but I’m 6 months pregnant. Surely, with the amount of blood flow my body’s pumping constantly, the numbers should be higher, right? I will of course mention this AGAIN at my next appointment, but all I ever get is a shrug and “it sounds fine”. Pffft.

From a more cosmetic side: my hair’s been looking miserable for months now. Most likely due to the hormones. It seems to become darker and darker, and the texture itself has also changed. It looks dull and lifeless, despite an excellent hair care routine. It looks like I’ll just have to wait this one out until after birth. We’ll see.

lilypie pregnancy ticker fetal growth development size second trimester week 24 twenty four weeks baby evolution fetus pregnancy ticker fetal growth development size second trimester week 24 twenty four weeks baby evolution fetus

Baby is as active as ever. I love it. My pregnancy app – which is provided by the hospital I go to – mentions this week that baby is sleeping up to 20 hours a day right now. Um, I don’t think so. He’s moving all over the place all the time. He rarely has a quiet hour. Come to think of it: is this even normal?

Anyway, I made my very first baby-related online purchase today. I had pinned these adorable baby boy outfits from the C&A website on my Pinterest account last week. And I noticed this morning that many sizes were already sold out! So I went ahead and placed my order. They are so adorable! Now we are 75€ poorer.

C&A baby boy clothes outfits onesies C and A cute adorable blue white pale pastel nautical anchors

I couldn’t help but think about what Gert’s mother asked me several weeks ago. We were having lunch together, when she randomly said: “So Lisa, I suppose that since this is your second boy, you already have everything you need, right?” – Uhhh … 😳 I definitely didn’t see this question coming. I wasn’t even sure how to take it. I basically felt very confused and caught off guard, and I had no idea what to respond. I mean, considering how sensitive this whole topic is – with Sam having never used anything in the nursery and how painful that is – I just sat there speechless and mumbled “I guess?” What was I supposed to say? Why did she ask me this? I felt really weird about that question for more than a week and I couldn’t even put my finger on why it gave me such a bad feeling. Besides, who can say that they ever have everything they’d want for their children? I mean, you always want more and better, obviously.

I’ve had to endure some insensitive comments and questions from various people lately. It sucks. This is exactly why I was in no rush to announce this pregnancy to anyone. Because I’ve got enough on my plate already without dumb comments hitting me left and right. Like “Oh, hi! How are the future parents doing?” … making me feel so defeated because this is NOT our first child. We had Sam a year and a half ago! Gert and I are NOT “future parents”. Ignorance at its finest. But what can I do, right? Just shrug and try not to care. Easier said than done. Another good one was: “So how about the shape and size of your belly? Is it too small? Or too big? Or would it be considered normal?” – Who asks this?? All I could muster up was “I’ve never heard any doctor comment on this, so I guess it’s perfectly normal.” I mean, seriously? I don’t even know whether to laugh or cry.

At least we are now less than 100 days away from meeting our little boy (who still has no name). 🙈