Pregnancy – Week 27

I have now started my third trimester and that makes me happy! The end is in sight, finally. If all goes well, I’m now exactly 11 weeks away from meeting our little boy. I’ve been trying to focus on my post-birth body and all the pretty clothes I’ll be able to wear again. I know this sounds totally shallow, but I find that this silly superficial stuff helps me keep my mind off the anxiety surrounding the (hopefully) safe delivery of this baby. I have a hard time picturing myself with a living child as of July, since all I know so far is coming home from the hospital empty handed and having nothing else to focus on than getting back in shape. It’s sad, really. But shopping for non-pregnancy clothes has brought a little bit of sunshine in my anxiety-filled pregnant days. Obviously, since I’ve been living like a hermit ever since the pregnancy test turned positive in November, all of my shopping is done online. I’ve been browsing and browsing for hours. My budget doesn’t allow eccentric purchases, so I’ve specifically been on the hunt for bargains, and boy have I found some! I can’t wait to post about them later.

I feel the time is coming now to make an official announcement on my website. I’d really like to post something special soon and also simultaneously switch all these private pregnancy posts into “public” mode for my readers to see. I just feel like I’ve come to a point now where it would be weird not to.

As far as my health is concerned: things are alright. Even though my pulse does still go up several times a week for no apparent reason. My last episode was a few hours ago, around noon, when my heart started beating as fast as 100 BPM. Luckily, it went back down quite quickly for once and I felt better again within half an hour. This never ending issue has prompted me to call off a family event I’m supposed to attend at the end of this month. I just don’t want to risk being stuck there a whole evening in case I suddenly feel bad again and need to lie down. My mother-in-law was slightly shocked when I told her I wouldn’t be going, but then I think she quickly accepted that it was probably best to play it safe. I hope everyone else will understand, and not try to come up with some far fetched theories when they see Gert showing up alone. Really, the point is: my body can’t seem to handle much at this point and there’s no sense in pushing my limits so close to the finish line. I’d rather stay home and take it easy for the remaining 11 weeks.

lilypie pregnancy ticker fetal growth development size 3rd third trimester week 27 twenty seven weeks baby evolution fetus pregnancy ticker fetal growth development size 3rd third trimester week 27 twenty seven weeks baby evolution fetus

Baby’s doing well though. I feel him so much throughout the day, and even at night when I get up to go to the bathroom real quick. He seems to have settled down nicely at night though. He used to be just as hyperactive then as he is during the day. But now he seems to be taking it easy and only moves when I’m turning around or getting up.

If his growth matches the growth chart, then he should now be around 37cm long and weigh almost 1 whole kilo. His weight should double to about 2 kilos within the next 6 weeks.

Speaking of weight, mine seems to have spiralled a bit more out of control than I would have liked … I now weigh exactly 70.5kg, which according to the chart below, is more than the estimated maximum weight gain. Pfffft ….

Pregnancy weight gain curve chart


I’m obviously not planning to go on a diet while I’m still pregnant. But I admit I’ll be a little more mindful of how caloric my food intake is as of now, and I’m determined to shed the extra weight FAST after this baby’s born!

I am now 73 days away from getting induced. I can’t wait for this countdown to show a single digit.