Pregnancy – Week 29

I think it shows that I’m feeling emotionally better at the moment. I try not to worry too much and I try my best to convince myself that everything will be just fine and that we will get to take this baby home in 2 months. Physically though … the misery has begun. My back started hurting pretty badly yesterday, and my hips have been bothering me more and more as well. It’s to the point now where I have to get up much earlier than usual, because lying in bed for too long only makes it worse. As a result: I’m pretty damn tired all day. If it’s already that painful right now, I can’t really imagine how bad it will be towards the end. My hips just get so loose in the third trimester. It’s crazy. I guess some women are more prone to this than others. At least it’s a good consolation to know that it all goes back to normal after birth. But for now, it’s far from pleasant.

I called off a family event on Gert’s side of the family, which I was supposed to attend this Saturday. It’s in the evening; the most miserable time of the day for me. And even though I’m a little bummed to be stuck at home until this baby arrives, I just know it’s for the best. I would physically feel so miserable if I went there. There’s no point. Especially since there will be a 3 course meal, and I’ve been avoiding large dinners in the evening for a couple of months now. I stop eating around 6:30PM / 7PM latest, because otherwise I can’t sleep due to horrible stomach acid. So yeah … Oh well. Gert will be attending for both of us lol

On a positive note: my hair seems to finally be getting better. Pregnancy hormones made it look like crap for the longest time. I started having to take extra good care of it so it would look halfway decent. It got so flat and dull and lifeless, and even a lot darker than usual (wtf?). I do lighten my hair every once in a while, but this was getting extreme. And because of how bad it was looking, I didn’t dare to make the situation worse by adding hair dye to the mix. Plus, I know they say it’s safe during pregnancy, but after everything we’ve been through, I figured I might as well play it safe and stay away from it for a while. Now that it seems to be back to having some shine and body, and that this pregnancy is slowly nearing its end, I think I’ll dye it in a few weeks. Maybe around week 32. That’s when Baby’s brain will be fully developed and that the remaining weeks will basically be spent gaining weight and growing those little lungs. I’ll feel better about it then.

lilypie pregnancy ticker fetal growth development size 3rd third last trimester week 29 twenty nine weeks baby evolution fetus pregnancy ticker fetal growth development size 3rd third last trimester week 29 twenty nine weeks baby evolution fetus

Gert keeps suggesting baby names that I loathe. He’s the ideal man in every imaginable way, but it turns out he does have one negative side: his horrible taste in baby names! “Philibert” and “Engelbertus” are two of the many gems that have come out of his mouth so far … 😖 Um, NO!!! There are only a few that we both feel somewhat okay about. Pffft. At least he gave me a free pass when it comes to both middle names. Whew! This whole headache is exactly why – this time around – I don’t even want to hear any of our family’s opinions about names. It’s already hard enough as is. I know for sure some people will not like our choice, no matter what it ends up being, so screw it. Can’t please everybody! I know some people didn’t like the name “Sam” either. But it’s what felt right for him. And when he was born, he definitely looked like a Sam. So, I’ll just stick to the same approach again. And no matter how he ends up being named, I know for sure this child will thank me in the future for not having listened to his dad! 😂 Haha!!

Anyway, he may not have a name yet, but at least he already has plenty of clothes waiting for him! My mom hand knitted this adorable little outfit:

Baby boy white pale blue outfit handmade knitted diy craft teddy bear cardigan overall cute adorable with love home made knitting stitching sewing embroidery embellishment

It’s so soft and pretty! Let’s just hope the season this was made for will match his size by the time the weather’s right for it to be worn. I’m afraid we’re only capable of making giant babies, so the sizing worries me a little bit. But oh well, we’ll see. Less than 60 days now before I get induced. Oh, I can’t wait!

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