Pregnancy – Week 5

This past week has been quite uneventful. (That’s a good thing!) I still feel bloated, I still feel random pulling and cramping sensations, and I’m wondering how in the world I’m going to manage to hide this belly for another 3 months, at least. I’m in no rush to announce it to anyone (except to my mom). But Gert is apparently planning to tell the family right after our first ultrasound, which is only 3 weeks away. It kind of bothers me that Christmas is so near. Because, you know, he’s right; it will be hard not to mention it with all the Christmas commotion coming up. So, we’ll basically be a bit forced to announce it then since I obviously will be declining champagne, and will also be skipping some of our yearly traditions. The main one being that we usually invite his side of the family over for dinner on Christmas eve. With a high risk pregnancy not even in the second trimester yet, I sure as Hell will NOT be hosting a whole evening, serving dinner, entertaining guests, and then cleaning up everything after midnight. No thank you.

So I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well this time. Because I don’t want to have to announce yet another tragedy later on.

Here’s me and my little secret at 5 weeks:

second pregnancy week 5 first trimester bloat

All bloat!

lilypie pregnancy embryo fetal ticker baby evolution growth Week 5 thebump ticker baby embryo fetal evolution growth week 5 tadpole

All in all, I’ve been managing extremely well so far. I have been taking it super easy, didn’t do any bad movements or strained myself physically whatsoever. Laundry is piling up and I don’t care. I’m going at a slower pace. I still experience mild shortness of breath, but I read my old posts from when I was expecting Sam, and I apparently had the exact same thing. My appetite has increased a bit. Although huge portions are not my thing, I get more hungry between meals and basically eat small portions throughout the day. I’m not too fussed about weight gain, as long as it remains within the healthy range. I’ve proven myself that I can lose it all afterwards, so I definitely won’t be stressing about that!