Pregnancy: Week 7

Nausea has been kicking my ass since Friday. I don’t remember it being this bad with Sam. And I don’t think it started as early as week 6. We actually ended up announcing my pregnancy to Gert’s parents on Friday (Nov 20) because I was feeling so sick and nauseous, and we were supposed to go to their place for lunch, so it was just going to be too obvious anyway. My mom knows since November 10th. And that’s about it for now. We’ll probably tell my brother-in-law some time in December. Everybody else will have to wait much longer. I’m just not feeling as festive and excited as the first time around. I’ll be holding my breath until I have safely delivered.

One of my best friends wants to meet up in the next few weeks, but she has a baby and a toddler, and I was strongly advised to avoid babies and children during my whole pregnancy so that I wouldn’t be exposed to childhood illnesses. They can have terrible consequences for pregnant women and their unborn baby. With everything we’ve been through so far, this is a risk I would gladly keep as far away from me as possible. So it looks like I will either have to make up some lame excuse or share the news with her as well.

One more week before our first ultrasound. I’m actually more focussed on getting some blood tests done. I want to know how my thyroid and vitamin levels are. I was reading through my whole medical file the other day, and finally read the detailed report of Sam’s passing (it took me more than a year to find the strength). Apparently my thyroid was all messed up when I checked in at the hospital the day that Sam stopped moving. How is that even possible? I’m pretty sure all my levels were fine throughout my whole pregnancy. In any case, I’m not leaving this up in the air this time around. They better keep a close eye on it all from day one. And if they’re difficult about it at the hospital, then I’ll be going to my family doctor for regular blood tests. Wether they like it or not, this pregnancy will be monitored super closely or else I’ll throw a fit.

My symptoms this past week: extreme nausea, lack of appetite because of the nausea, I suffer frequent headaches, shortness of breath, I’m tired, and I basically feel like shit and I also look like shit. Proof:

My boobs suddenly became massive. They’re starting to catch up with my belly. At this rate, I’ll be huge again by the time my last trimester rolls in. Fun times ahead! 😖

Baby is starting to look more and more human!

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