Pregnancy – Week 9

Whew, one week further. I swear I keep holding my breath each week until I see the updated fetal size on these tickers every Monday morning:

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Baby is no longer an embryo, but officially a fetus! Hooray! Four more weeks until my second trimester. I can’t wait. My nausea is still getting the best of me. It sucks so bad, but I try not to complain because it’s a small sacrifice, really. My appetite definitely suffers from it though. I have to force myself to eat my regular portions. Nothing tastes good. I keep trying new stuff, because nothing seems to work for me at the moment. Even a sandwich sounds gross.

I think I may have a small ear infection or something. It’s hurting all the way through the right side of my jaw. I’ll definitely have it checked out this evening, because now is not the time to develop any kind of infection!!! And I’m actually getting mild anxiety just thinking about it and all the possible consequences for the baby. Please let this clear up on its own, and fast.

My next ultrasound is next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the baby will measure correctly and not show any growth delay. My logic says “of course not”, but with everything we’ve been through so far, there’s just always a doubt hanging above my head.

Here’s me and my belly today:

Looking like proper shit, as usual these days. lol I so don’t care. And you have no idea how happy I am to be leaving the single digit weeks behind as of next week.