Rumor has it it’s now Spring

Ok, it’s April already. Looks like this year will be flying by again. It’s good riddance for March though, because March royally sucked. So let’s forget it ever happened. It’s still freezing cold right now. Whatever happened to Spring? I see local fashion blogs posting Spring outfits with light jackets and short sleeves and stilettos with no tights. Uhm, no. There’s no way any of those girls actually walk around dressed so lightly at the moment. For the record, it was exactly 7°C today, with one hell of a wind chill that made it feel like 3 or 4°C. Yeah. Even the dog knows better!

chihuahua dog sleeping bag cocoon bed

My outfits consist of sweaters and a parka. Haha! Keeping it real. And warm :-)

chihuahua wolfthedog snuggle snuggling

♥︎ Lisa