Second Sunday of Advent

advent candles tealight holder candlesticks red christmas countdown 4 four ceramic

How d’you like my kitsch Advent candlesticks? They’re straight out of the 90’s, literally. They used to belong to my mom until she got rid of them, I mean… kindly gave them to me five years ago. I’m still not sure why I insist on using them each Christmas. They’re kind of clever and ugly at the same time. I may ditch them next year though. I feel like redecorating the entire house this coming year. And that will include revamping our Christmas setup, which is starting to look rather tired at this point.

advent candles tealight holder candlesticks red christmas countdown 4 four ceramic cat grinch

^^ Jules is still acting like the Grinch by murdering Christmas one item at a time.

my christmas portrait self tree decoration cozy home lights long hair

And here I am. Still four kilos too heavy. Four kilos sounds like a joke, but holy crap, it’s hard to lose! And it does make a big difference in terms of clothes. I decided to try on all my dresses yesterday. I’m honestly not sure what the hell I was expecting. I only started working out about two weeks ago. So, yeah, none of them fit! NONE! I’m stuck with these larger pants and stretchy tops at the moment, until I lose enough weight to fit back into my dresses. I’m quite stubborn about not wanting to buy larger sizes right now. Because I’m an optimist and that’s just how I roll. I will lose those kilos, damn it.

So, instead of buying larger clothes, I relieved my shopping itch by spending a whole 2€ on this:

forever21 forever 21 christmas gingerbread man cookies socks adorable cute accessories footwear white brown red

I just got a shipping confirmation from Forever21, so I’m expecting these puppies in the mail by Tuesday!!! I’ve never been this excited about socks before! I must not be the only one though, because they sold out in just a few hours time. How crazy is that?

♥︎ Lisa