Slowly closing Jack’s chapter

I wanted to create this blog with a special thought in mind for my first dog, Jack, who passed away on May 8th 2013.

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I got him when I was 21 years old. He left us way too soon, at the age of 8 and a half, and I feel like I will never stop missing him.

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The grieving process was hard. He was with me 24/7, which is more than any human ever is; including my husband. From the moment I woke up till the moment I went to sleep, and even while asleep, he was right there next to me. We did absolutely everything together. So when he passed away, my whole life fell apart. My daily occupations and habits suddenly came to a halt. I had to reinvent myself a new routine without him, after nearly a decade. I missed my little buddy. I realize that me being a stay-at-home basically put me in that position of having such a tight bond with my dog. Much more so than people who are out and about at their job all day. I literally lost a part of my being and was inconsolable.

After he died, I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to get another dog. But I realized that I needed to give myself at least a year to grieve properly. You can’t start a new chapter if you’re still dealing with the previous one. It’s hard, because I miss the company of a dog by my side every day. But it’s a necessary step. I also want to give myself time to prepare the arrival of my next pup. Jack came to me quite unexpectedly, and he was my first dog. So needless to say that the first year of his life was a chaotic mix of improvisation and learning, since I knew absolutely nothing about dogs. I also couldn’t believe how fast he grew up. I feel like I hardly got a chance to take pictures of him as a puppy. Within 6 months, he was already full grown.

This time, I really want to have everything perfect and ready for my new little companion. I also promised myself I would not settle for just any dog. It will have to be the right one for me. I mean, if I’m going to be spending the next decade with this little creature by my side at all times, it better suit me a T. That’s when the idea of creating this blog came to mind. I have a photo album of Jack filled with pictures in chronological order from when he was a puppy, up until the last week of his life. It’s a great keepsake. But this time around, I want a diary of our journey together with tons more pictures than a physical album could ever hold. I want every little moment captured, along with detailed accounts. And I want to share it with the world, instead of keeping it locked up in a cupboard.

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Time goes by so fast. The sad reality we have to face when we adopt a pet is that we’ll most likely outlive them. They’ll be part of our lives for 10, maybe 15 years if we’re lucky. Every day is a blessing. Every day counts. So here’s to the past, the present, and the future. May time be captured here so that all those precious moments can be cherished forever.

♥︎ Lisa