Slowly Waking Up!

My energy is coming back. It’s not 100% yet, but I feel I’m getting there. I actually managed to do some laundry and cleaning today, so that’s quite an achievement after two weeks of doing nothing but sleep.

This belly is getting embarrassing, by the way. I swear, it’s like 90% digestive bloat / 10% pregnancy lol The effect it has on my whole digestive system is no joke. It’s one of those things people seem to keep a secret before you get pregnant, and then once you get to that point, they’re like “oh yeah, you didn’t know?” – Heh!
To put it bluntly: I look 5 months pregnant after a full dinner. Once it’s all been digested, I look exactly 0 months.

Cramps have almost disappeared completely. I won’t miss them!! Nausea is still there, but has also lessened over the past few days. Yay!

Three more days until my first appointment! I’m so excited and I really hope everything goes well and that we don’t get any bad news. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a loud and clear heart beat.

We keep wondering about the gender. It’s really too bad we can’t find out for another few months. I had no idea at all a few weeks ago. Now I’m starting to think it might be a girl. But then I remember a friend of mine a few years ago was convinced she was expecting a girl, bought a bunch of pink stuff because she trusted her “motherly instinct”, and then a boy came out… Sooo … valuable lesson learned from Megan: don’t ever trust your so called motherly instinct! I have no gender preference, but I’d really love to know.

Anyway, I’m definitely happy that my energy levels are coming back up. I’m looking forward to preparing the baby’s arrival much more actively soon :-)

Next update: either Tuesday before the appointment, or Wednesday right after it! Now I’m off to watch a ton of Chef John’s recipes on Youtube. If you have cravings, go to his channel, it will make you feel so frustrated and wish those dishes could come right out of your screen. *drool* I’ve personally been craving fresh French baguette with butter and Nutella … omg, here it comes again **double drool**

♥︎ Lisa