Summer 2015 has officially started

There’s a massive heatwave going on here in Europe right now. 🌞 🔥 So since it’s too hot to bother with a proper hairstyle, this is how I shamelessly walk around at the moment:

We did lounge in the yard a bit on Tuesday, and even saw our little squirrel friend. 🌳 So cute! ❤️

You know it’s bad when #julesthecat is too tired to destroy the house.

Wolfie has been dealing surprisingly well. Although he does refuse to go outside since yesterday. I think he’s smart enough to know better! Good thing he’s trained to use his litter box. We have some hedgehogs and squirrels and God knows what else roaming around in the yard, so I put several water bowls out for them.

This is my current situation:

The temperature is supposed to climb up to 36°C later this afternoon. I’m trying really hard not to complain after whining for months that the climate was too cold here lol 😓

♥︎ Lisa