Happy Easter 2015

Not failing our yearly tradition, Gert got me Easter treats :-) Best husband a woman could have!

easter treats kinder surprise white chocolate
cross stitched easter bunny rabbit framed yellow narcissus plant flowers easter egg pot in bloom

^^ Pretty cross-stitched creation made by my aunt. I have no idea how she does it, but we get a new one for every single occasion. That’s real dedication right there!

And Wolfie received his very own little Easter bunny. He tried to violently murder it, but thank goodness Ikea makes solid finger puppets lol

ikea bunny rabbit finger puppet dog chihuahua toy easter
cute adorable chihuahua dog tan white black raising paw male adult breed

♥︎ Lisa

Rumor has it it’s now Spring

Ok, it’s April already. Looks like this year will be flying by again. It’s good riddance for March though, because March royally sucked. So let’s forget it ever happened. It’s still freezing cold right now. Whatever happened to Spring? I see local fashion blogs posting Spring outfits with light jackets and short sleeves and stilettos with no tights. Uhm, no. There’s no way any of those girls actually walk around dressed so lightly at the moment. For the record, it was exactly 7°C today, with one hell of a wind chill that made it feel like 3 or 4°C. Yeah. Even the dog knows better!

chihuahua dog sleeping bag cocoon bed

My outfits consist of sweaters and a parka. Haha! Keeping it real. And warm :-)

chihuahua wolfthedog snuggle snuggling

♥︎ Lisa

Weekend away in the South of Belgium

First things first, a quick update since my last health-related post: all the results came back clear, which is a big relief. Although, in a way, I almost wish they had found a little something that could have explained why we lost Sam just a few days shy of his due date. So that maybe if we could fix it now, I would know for sure that it won’t be a problem again in the future. But since nothing was found, it basically confirms that what happened was plain bad luck. It couldn’t have been prevented, and no one can prevent it from happening again. So, a new pregnancy will be like taking a leap of faith and hoping for the best.

Anyway, after that was all done and behind us, we left home to spend the weekend in the South of Belgium, a couple of kilometres away from the French border. It was organized by Gert’s band. Their main purpose was to practice new songs the entire weekend. I honestly hadn’t planned to go, but then Gert convinced me and I ended up agreeing at the last minute. I hadn’t seen any of them since losing Sam, and I was dreading it.

(Warning: lots of pictures ahead)

chihuahua dog car seat safety belt harness
Wolf wasn’t quite sure what to think of his car seat. It was his first time in it.

About two hours later, we arrived to this pretty awesome room:
bedroom weekend rental cozy countryside stone wall rustic cottage europe belgium ardennes
bedroom weekend rental cozy countryside stone wall rustic cottage europe belgium ardennes
It had its own bathroom and separate toilet. Really nice!

There was plenty of space for Wolfie to have his own little corner …
chihuahua bed sleeping corner setup mirror blankets cozy weekend away dog small tiny breed cute toys fleece
lol He looks so proud! With his own mirror and everything :-)
chihuahua bed sleeping corner setup mirror blankets cozy weekend away dog small tiny breed cute toys fleece
chihuahua bed sleeping corner setup mirror blankets cozy weekend away dog small tiny breed cute toys fleece
Setup approved ☺︎

I’m not going to post pictures of people who were present. Because even though they’d probably be cool with it, we’re not THAT close, so I wasn’t planning to ask everyone individually. There were 14 of us total. Good thing the house was huge! It had something like 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, and a total of 3 floors with a fitness area, two kitchens, two living rooms, and a gaming room. It definitely didn’t feel crowded.

People obviously felt awkward around me, and the topic of Sam was completely avoided, even though it was clearly the elephant in the room. Only one guy brought it up when I arrived and told me how saddened he was by what happened, but he had had one beer too many, and so that quickly fell flat :-/ I couldn’t stop thinking about Sam and the alternate reality that would be unfolding there if he was with us. We had said a few times that the next weekend away with the band would be spent together with him. So the fact that it turned out to be pretty much the exact same weekend as before I was pregnant, REALLY sucked. I felt like crap, and I doubt I was a pleasant company to anyone. I almost randomly started crying during two dinners, and I felt completely detached from most of the conversations that were taking place. I like to think that I’ve overcome most of it by now, but there’s definitely something broken in me that will never be fixed.

Anyway, 90% of everyone’s time was spent practicing new songs. So I was kind of on my own most of the time anyway. I had hoped for a decent wifi connection to keep me busy, but alas, it was quite weak and miserable. Which basically meant I had to keep myself busy like in the good old days. My first plan was to go hiking with Wolf …

The weather was sunny and seemed nice enough. I took a few pictures around the house, and as I got far enough to see the entire property, I realized how big a farm it’s actually part of. It was cold as f*ck though! The wind was freezing and it was so unpleasant to walk. Wolf’s nose started dripping and his eyes were all teary. That’s when I decided it wasn’t worth risking him to get sick, and headed back inside.

Can you believe this is only the upper floor where our room was? So much space!

^^ The cute entry to our bedroom

I tried out the gym, out of utter desperation.

chihuahua workout buddy cute bike running shoes sports outfit fitness room area dog puppy leggings fleece blanket shark ikea finger puppet toy
My little workout buddy ♥︎

self-portrait canon 5D Mark II bedroom long hair natural sitting floor 6 six months postnatal post labor pregnancy after
I’m so untoned, it’s not even funny.

cute little chihuahua tiny dog sleeping on bed blanket cream tan brown

Ready for a shower, but a puppy hug first ♥︎

So, a couple of days later, it was time to go home!
chihuahua carrying bag dog tiny small cute luggage weekend away travel

cute chihuahua tiny dog sleeping car seat safety travel seatbelt harness body blanket driving cute chihuahua tiny dog sleeping car seat safety travel seatbelt harness body blanket driving

He was dead tired! I’m not even sure of what, because he basically slept for 3 days straight lol Laziest dog ever.

I’m back home now with the worst cold. Figures! Half the people were sick, and of course, when you put 14 people in one house with half of them coughing and sneezing all over the place, they are bound to infect the healthy half. Pffft. It really sucks. My throat hurts so bad right now, I can hardly swallow or talk. *sigh* Wish me a quick recovery! I hate feeling like this :-(

♥︎ Lisa

February Health Update

white decoration bedroom mirror self-portrait europe european scandinavian style clean ikea

Sorry I’ve been mute this past week. I had a bit of a health scare and underwent a biopsy. The doctor assured me it was no big deal, but I already had visions of cancer and a dramatic ending before the results came back a few days later and were all clear. Whew! Big relief!

Still some worries about Wednesday, as I’ll have to go back for some sort of detailed ultrasound of the veins in and around the uterus. Not my idea of a fun day. But I’d rather go and know everything there is to know before we venture into a new pregnancy. Fingers crossed for good results. I’m such a pessimist these days. I figure if there’s anything that can go wrong, it WILL go wrong.

Now here’s someone who has no concept of stress and worries:

chihuahua male adult cream brown tan black short haired smooth coat closeup cute adorable beautiful turquoise fleece blanket sleepy chilling relaxed

*sigh* Wish me luck.

♥︎ Lisa

Finally some sun

winter yard frozen frost grass garden february europe belgium backyard trees wooden shed cold freezing sunshine
self-portrait selfie canon 5D markII white blue LED light sharp gold earrings female woman auto smiling

Good morning! It’s freezing outside, the grass is looking a bit white, but at least the sun is finally shining here. We were stuck with dark weather for two weeks. Yikes.

Wolf – our new little chihuahua friend – is doing very well. We’ve had him for about 5 weeks now, and he has learned all the good manners I had hoped for. No more accidents on the floor; he neatly does his business on the newspaper corner we’ve set up for him. I really pushed him to use it because he completely refuses to go outside in bad weather, and since bad weather is all we get here, there was no other option but to have him do his thing indoors.

It’s a bit more work on my part, because I have to clean it up right away every single time. But it does have its advantages: clean yard, clean paws, clean floors. I still push him to go out whenever I can, because a bit of fresh air is necessary. But at least it’s not a constant worry anymore.

He and Gert have both warmed up to each other:

^^ Such a loving father! Haha!

Wolf used to completely ignore him in the beginning. I think it’s due to the fact that he’s with me 24/7, while Gert comes and goes, and is never very busy with him. I feed him, play with him, go to places with him, talk to him all day … so yeah. I’m glad he’s bonding more with Gert now!

♥︎ Lisa