Happy Easter 2017

Yessica C&A floral crop pants Spring Summer 2017 ss17

Happy Easter! And if you’re not religious, a little bit of chocolate never hurt anyone. 😆

My Easter Sunday was basically spent cleaning and tidying up, because that’s my usual Sunday routine. And today, all the shops are closed and it’s forbidden to mow the lawn, AND the weather is utter crap … So I guess Gert and I will just be lazy today and sit in front of the TV like two couch potatoes. It’s actually been a long time since we both enjoyed a lazy TV afternoon together. Here’s hoping Emery will take a nice long nap so we can watch a movie from start to finish without interruption. lol

Yessica C&A floral crop pants Spring Summer 2017 ss17

Yessica C&A floral crop pants Spring Summer 2017 ss17
floral pants by C&A

Gert surprised me yesterday with these chocolate mousse filled eggs. Because, you know, I just so happen to be married to the greatest husband in the world! 😍 He’s always so thoughtful and sweet. Every woman deserves a Gert, I’m telling you.

Milka chocolate easter eggs mousse with a spoon real egg carton purple eat inside filling

Most of you probably have a day off today, so enjoy it! 🐣 🐰 🍫

Easter Decoration 2016

Easter is less than two weeks away, so I realized yesterday it was time to pull out the Easter decoration before it’s not worth it anymore. I love the white wooden tray on our coffee table. It’s a key feature in the living room, as I use it to display my seasonal items. When it comes to decoration, I have a rotational system; meaning that hardly anything is out on display all year round. I have 4 big boxes full of candle holders, pots, fake plants, figurines, you name it. I change everything around regularly. This time I put all the Winter themed stuff back in a box, making place for my Easter decor. When we’re done with Easter, the whole house will be Spring themed, then Summer themed, etc. I quickly get fed up with seeing the same stuff all the time, which is why changing it around so often is ideal for me! Plus, it avoids ending up with a ton of clutter all over the place, and I also get to be very season-specific in my purchases.

So here’s the living room:

Easter home decoration living room white wooden trey tray shabby chic pink girly decor interior pastels sheep candle holders ikea pot eggs bunny vintage new 2016

This little trinket dates back from my childhood:

closeup easter decoration trinket porcelain surprise secret bunny rabbit white pink girly shabby chic 80's 90's spring theme interior decor home house

I wish I could remember who gave it to me. I don’t even remember whether it’s from the 80’s or the 90’s. It feels like I’ve had it my entire life. When you close it, it looks like a wrapped up present with a pink ribbon around it. So cute!

Easter home decoration living room white wooden trey tray shabby chic pink girly decor interior pastels sheep candle holders ikea pot eggs bunny vintage new 2016

And here’s the (minimalistic) bedroom decoration:

White interior decoration easter decor pale fireplace tv samsung fake plants ikea flowers bunny rabbits spring theme minimalistic bedroom home house

I could go all out with this fireplace and decorate it like crazy for each occasion, but I choose not to. I find simple, low key items best for the bedroom.

Ikea white flowers spring easter home decor interior house decoration pot tv flatscreen bedroom vintage 80's 90's bunny rabbit candle holder girly shabby chic pastels yellow pink blue

The flowers are from Ikea; in other words: super cheap. And the Easter candle holder is also a survivor from my childhood bedroom. If I remember well, it originally contained a bag of chocolate eggs. But again, I have no clue who gave it to me. My memory is getting old!

easter decoration home interior house decor tv samsung flastscreen wooden figures rabbit bunny eggs figurings

Happy Easter 2015

Not failing our yearly tradition, Gert got me Easter treats :-) Best husband a woman could have!

easter treats kinder surprise white chocolate
cross stitched easter bunny rabbit framed yellow narcissus plant flowers easter egg pot in bloom

^^ Pretty cross-stitched creation made by my aunt. I have no idea how she does it, but we get a new one for every single occasion. That’s real dedication right there!

And Wolfie received his very own little Easter bunny. He tried to violently murder it, but thank goodness Ikea makes solid finger puppets lol

ikea bunny rabbit finger puppet dog chihuahua toy easter
cute adorable chihuahua dog tan white black raising paw male adult breed

♥︎ Lisa