Our Christmas Week

This time of the year is always so busy! I finally had time today to upload all our pictures from this past week. Here’s a small selection (still picture heavy though).

Let’s start with Christmas Eve, which was spent at our home, together with some of Gert’s closest family.

christmas eve evening tree cozy winter festivities celebration interior decoration livingroom red stockings socks lights

calm before the storm:
christmas eve evening tree cozy winter festivities celebration interior decoration livingroom red candles lights
during the storm:

I cooked absolutely nothing myself

christmas eve evening winter stone grill easy lazy cooking meat dinner idea melted cheese

On Christmas Day, we went to my mom’s place for a three course meal:

christmas day appetizers family cozy elixir bottle water bowl floating tealights

closeup macaroons christmas dessert macarons

miniature pastries dessert european mini cakes delicious food inspiration idea

^^ I love how we’re all wearing black pants and matching colors like it was on purpose lol

And yesterday, we finally got some snow! The weather was terrible and dark. But today was so sunny and beautiful …

^^ ice on the windows

cat winter window snow view street outside inside indoor outdoor upstairswinter street snow suburbs neighborhood houses homes beautiful view wonderland europe belgium european

♥︎ Lisa

Free Clothes

Today, I received a bunch of hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law. I appreciate her optimism as to think that I could possibly fit into her size.

portrait home clothes too small tight postpartum weight size

It’s clearly way too small! I was about to burst out laughing when this picture was taken. And this is one of the only tops that I actually managed to button. Now I’ve got this huge bag filled with clothes that I can do nothing with. I’ll just hand them back to her I guess.

I’m trying my best to limit my calories. But it’s hard to fight it during this time of the year. If you know what I’m saying …

colorful macarons macaroons dessert yum delicious sweet

Oh well! I’m still working out though, and it does seem to be paying off. Although slowly. I’m not exactly obsessed with numbers. But my goal is to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, because I’ve got a huge wardrobe full and it would be such a shame if I had to ditch it all. Getting everything in a larger size will be more trouble than actually losing the weight. So here’s my motivation. Especially after today’s disaster with Rosemary’s clothes :-/

Wish me luck!

♥︎ Lisa