February Health Update

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Sorry I’ve been mute this past week. I had a bit of a health scare and underwent a biopsy. The doctor assured me it was no big deal, but I already had visions of cancer and a dramatic ending before the results came back a few days later and were all clear. Whew! Big relief!

Still some worries about Wednesday, as I’ll have to go back for some sort of detailed ultrasound of the veins in and around the uterus. Not my idea of a fun day. But I’d rather go and know everything there is to know before we venture into a new pregnancy. Fingers crossed for good results. I’m such a pessimist these days. I figure if there’s anything that can go wrong, it WILL go wrong.

Now here’s someone who has no concept of stress and worries:

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*sigh* Wish me luck.

♥︎ Lisa