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So, I finally pulled myself together and called the physical therapist for my first postnatal appointment, which is meant to reinforce my abdominal muscles and whatnot. I should have called over a month ago, but didn’t have the courage until now. Of course, the first thing that popped into our conversation was Sam’s passing and everything that happened. She said I’m the third patient she sees this year who’s lost their full term baby right before birth. It’s unprecedented in the 38 years she’s been practicing. It’s no consolation to me, but it’s starting to raise some questions.

On my way back home, I heard a woman on the radio requesting a song she wanted to dedicate to her stillborn baby.

What is going on?

♥︎ Lisa

It’s Workout Time!

I allowed myself a nice long break during my pregnancy, as well as the following two months. I just felt like my body needed it. And especially after giving birth; I could tell I needed to rest and allow my body to do its own thing for a bit. Today, I’m 9 weeks post-pregnancy and I can feel now is the right time to start getting back into shape.

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I’m starting slowly with some basic workout. My muscles are weak mush at the moment. It’s quite ridiculous. I would also like to lose a little over 4 kilos. I lost most of the pregnancy weight within the first few weeks. Probably mainly due to the tragedy we’ve been through. But then I kind of yoyo-ed a bit between 65 and 68 kilos during the past month. I’m at 65.8 kilos right now, and my goal is to get to approximately 62 kilos. My pre-pregnancy weight was 58 kilos, but with my 1m75 height, it put me right at the minimum of what’s considered a “normal weight”. I always struggled to gain weight before. So it’s pretty weird to be dealing with the opposite issue now lol That being said, 4 kilos is perfectly achievable. And it will set me at a nice and healthy BMI of 20.2.

If you wish to calculate your BMI, here’s the link:
And for my fellow Europeans, here’s the metric version:

I’ve started putting my stepper too good use. I purchased it for 5 euros last Summer from a lady who lives around here. She originally bought it for herself but only used it once, so she was happy to get rid of it. I still can’t believe what a great deal I got! It was basically brand new in its original packaging and everything.

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Now, I’m telling you, this stuff is HARD! Holy crap. I got to almost 300 power steps in 5 minutes, and I thought I was going to die. I’m doing three 5 min sessions, with 5 minutes breaks in between which I spend working on my arm muscles. That keeps me busy for half an hour. And then I do my abs routine for another 20 minutes. So that’s roughly an hour total each morning.

I look tired as hell, but I feel it’s worth it!

♥︎ Lisa