The Puppy Box

Adopting a new dog can represent a big cost on its own; especially if you go to a breeder. Having had a dog before, I now know that the big money also lies in all the products and accessories you purchase after you bring your dog home. This is why I’ve decided to start a “puppy box”.

It’s a box I’m going to fill, little by little, with all kinds of stuff I will need once I have my new dog. This will help me spread all my purchases over the course of 1 year, so that I don’t have to spend a ton of money all at once after the adoption. The box itself comes from Ikea Belgium. If you’re in the States, you’ll find it here.

Jules helped me put it together, as you can see …

And here’s the finished result:

My first purchase was a pack of LED lights:

I originally started looking for small LED lights in pet stores; they’re sold to clip on your dog’s collar or leash. This is basically just a safety thing to use at night or in foggy weather, so your dog will be clearly visible to cars. Pet stores are supposed to carry these all year round, but they’ve been out of stock since forever. One lady told me they’d be back in stock “within two weeks”, and that was before Jack passed away 7 months ago, so yeah … Now, I randomly stumbled across these two little bike lights at Blokker the other day. They only cost about 2.50€ and their size is ideal. The little elastic attachments are quite handy. You can either set them to flash or to stay constant.

Now, I’m not gonna lie. In theory, this pack was perfect! In reality: it’s a piece of crap made in China. It started malfunctioning literally while I was taking these pictures. They hadn’t even been out of their packaging for more than 1 minute yet. *sigh* It may just be a weak battery connection. I’ll take it apart next week and see if I can fix it. If not, the search for pet collar lights is back on. It’s an item I really wished I had owned back when Jack was still here. Even if just to keep an eye on him while he was out taking a quick pee break in the yard at night. He would go all the way to the back where I could hardly see him anymore, and it always stressed me out a bit. So, definitely a must-have for all dog owners!

The second item is a “clicker”:

clicker red plastic dog training device ebay cheap

I’ve actually owned this one for several years and used it with my previous dog to teach him the right behavior around my (then new) cat. It’s really a great training device and only cost about 5€, if I remember well.

For those of you who are not familiar with clickers, here’s a short excerpt from Wikihow:

The “clicker” is a small noisemaker that makes a distinctive “click” sound when the metal tab is pressed. The clicker is intended to tell your dog when he or she does something correctly. Once you’ve trained your dog to associate the clicker with rewards, he or she will quickly learn that when she performs a behavior and you click, (s)he will receive a reward.

So this is my box for now. It’s not much, and certainly not expensive, but it’s a good start (at least if I can get those stupid lights to work)! Next on my shopping list are food & water bowls that are the right size for Chihuahua portions, toys, blankets, a doggy carrier to put on my bike, and the list goes on.

It’s also a part of the process of letting go of Jack. I washed his old toys and blankets one last time the other day, and finished putting away his boxes in the attic. It was hard, and of course there were tears again. But I feel like starting this new puppy box is like a breath of fresh air; something happy to look forward to.

♥︎ Lisa