This was Croatia 2015

I know I haven’t updated in aaages. I can’t blame it on the internet, because wifi was pretty good over there in Croatia. But I sort of got wrapped up in the moment and then things got busy as soon as we got home. We picked up Wolfie from the breeder whom we bought him from; as she took him in during our holiday. So he was able to have a grand time too, playing with all his old buddies in the house he was born, and running around her gigantic yard. Jules the cat stayed home and I’m forever thankful to Gert’s parents for taking such good care of him during this whole time. I know they’re not cat people (lol), so this must have been quite a sacrifice for them! Haha! We bought them an extra big box of chocolates to thank them.

I have finally taken the time to go through the embarrassingly large amount of pictures I took there. Here’s a small selection.

The weather wasn’t always sunny, but it was still enough to get me burned, despite my f50 sunscreen. Yeah. So here’s me in my protective gear: long sleeves and a large hat!

stara novalja bay water marinik seaside beach front concrete b&b guesthouse vacation holiday august summer 2015 cloudy weather hat beach wear clothes outfit juicy couture american eagle

white floppy summer hat juicy couture gold trimming vintage sun cotton foldable

We visited the beautiful island of Rab:

rab island croatia church palm tree summer 2015 vacation rabb

Which has a pretty nice marina:

rab croatia marina boats yachts summer 2015 vacation bay water sea rabb

rab marina boats bay water sea croatia rabb summer vacation 2015 august


rab croatia couple portrait tourists island rabb sea water side bay summer vacation 2015 rabb

Proudly representing Belgium in Gert’s brother’s boat:

personal small boat stara novalja pag island croatia bay water sea vacation holiday summer 2015 belgium flag belgian

My favorite kind of diet 🍨

pag island croatia city center capital town banana split ice cream iced coffee whipped cream dessert terrace summer vacation holiday 2015 august

Matching blue sunglasses for our selfie in Pag! 👓

pag view island capital city town bay view overlooking croatia summer sunset holiday vacation 2015 august

The B&B we stayed at had the most charming little garden overlooking the sea (here with my favorite sister in law):

marinik hammok b&b yard garden stara novalja island of pag croatia vacation holiday 2015 summer august

Me looking so badass, like I survived the Amazon jungle with all those mosquito bites, different degrees of sunburns and swollen ankles … So much glamor in one picture 🙊 Right?

The pretty city center of Novalja, which we enjoyed strolling through:

novalja city center pag island croatia town market plaza place terrace cafe tourists summer holiday vacation 2015 august

novalja city center pag island croatia town market plaza place terrace cafe tourists summer holiday vacation 2015 august

And I will sound like a total nerd with this last picture, but this is what fascinated me the most during our entire trip:

time capsule in pag golija island croatia city town center capital park vremenska kapsula buried in 2014 to be opened in 2064

The time capsule buried in the small Golija park in Pag!

Too bad we’ll all be dead by the time they dig it up and open it. I would love to know what’s in it! There wasn’t any additional information available, so I’m not sure how this whole thing was organized. Did they perhaps ask local school children to write letters and make drawings? Or did the adult citizens of Pag got to participate and hand over random items? I have no idea. If someone stumbles upon my blog post and knows more about it, please let me know! I’d love to find out more.

While this post marks the end of my Croatian chapter, I still have a few memory cards to go through, since we used 4 different cameras (ridiculous, I know). But I wanted to go ahead and publish this so that I can move on to new home-based updates as of this coming week.