Week 10 – Second Appointment Done

Big sigh of relief again. The appointment went well, and it went quite quickly too. As soon as the ultrasound started, I saw how much bigger Baby had grown! Wow. It’s really unbelievable how much things have evolved in just two weeks time. We clearly saw the head, body, and limbs. The arms are so clear and well formed now, we even saw the adorable little hands with 5 beautiful fingers! It measured right on track at 3.16cm, and the heartbeat was a nice and healthy 167BPM. Baby seemed to be asleep the entire time and didn’t move at all, which the doctor said was pretty normal this early on. I hope so! I’m such a worrywart already. 😖

I keep having anxiety when I don’t see the heart flickering on the screen. I don’t know why it’s always been so hard to see it flickering with this one. I remember it being much more obvious with Sam. But the doctor said the baby wasn’t turned towards us, so I guess that may be why. In any case, they assured us everything looks perfect.

Here are the pictures we got to take home:

And here are the same pictures with some much needed explanation:

My next ultrasound is in 2 weeks and should be much more detailed. They’ll be measuring a whole myriad of things. I’m really looking forward to that one.