Week 12 – First Sonogram Pictures!

This week was such an important one. I went to my second appointment, which included a full ultrasound, neck measurements of the baby to rule out T21, as well as blood work (yuck). The ultrasound took almost an hour because the baby wasn’t positioned well for the neck measurements and kept moving around. They finally managed to catch a few good positions and shots. I didn’t mind, because we got to see our baby in live action for one whole hour, which was really amazing! I had no idea fetuses this young were so active. Wow.

The doctor asked me to cough a few times, hoping to get the baby to move at the right angle. I felt so bad for the poor thing, because it seemed to be really startled by the sudden coughing, and the little arms went up in the air like it got scared! lol So I started laughing and it started jiggling around like a little rag doll. Poor baby. Now I feel guilty each time I sneeze, cough or laugh!

I have to say though, I’m very pleased with the quality of the pictures!

We could clearly see all the details, even every individual little finger. How amazing is that? So, for once, I can now use a picture of my own baby next to my belly picture :-) Here’s a bigger version:

And a few more:

^^ baby feet!

I really feel like my belly has grown in just one week time. Although, strangely, this week’s picture looks quite similar in size to last week’s. Hmmm? On the bright side; I’m still able to hide it well with the right clothes on, like today:

The baby was measured at 6.6cm; which seems a little big for 12 weeks. But the dr assured us it’s within the normal range. I do think we’ll have a tall baby though. The neck measurement was fine, and I got my blood results on Friday, which were also excellent. I didn’t feel like there was going to be any bad news, but of course you can never be sure, so it’s definitely a big relief to have this all behind us now. It also means we won’t need to go through any further screening, which is also great news! The live video was even clearer than the printed pictures. We got to see all the little organs which were well formed and exactly where they should be. I’m expecting smooth sailing from now on. My second trimester starts in 2 days, so the most critical stages have been passed successfully. Yay!

I still feel nauseous though. Will it ever end? Also still feeling (and looking) a bit tired, but it’s improved a lot compared to the first few weeks. Right now it’s just a matter of physical efforts knocking me out more than they normally would. But if I take it easy, I feel perfectly fine and don’t need any afternoon naps anymore.

PS: We bought a super handy car seat belt adapter for me on Friday. I’ll make a post about it this coming week!

♥︎ Lisa