Week 12 – third appointment and ultrasound

Look at our little 12 week old baby! How cool that we were given two 3D photos. It’s not really standard for them to do this, and we didn’t even ask for it, but I guess the doctor felt bad for us after hearing about our sad story. So we got to take these two little extra photos home. I love them! 💕

And here are the four standard 2D shots that are always given at 12 weeks:

1. The sole of a foot
2. A beautiful full profile
3. A closeup profile of the face
4. The head and left arm and hand seen from above

The whole thing was nerve wracking, to say the least. As soon as the ultrasound started, I was happy to see that Baby had grown a ton since last time, but I started panicking when I saw no flickering heart. Then there was obvious movement in the legs and arms, so it was an instant relief. The heart was beating fine at 165 BPM, and Baby measured 5.9cm, which is right on track.

Then things got worrisome again when the doctor wanted to measure the neck thickness. She zoomed in on the head and neck, and I saw right away that the neck was definitely a lot thicker than Sam’s 12 week ultrasound. She kept clicking and clicking, didn’t say a word, then mumbled a few things I didn’t understand. So I asked her if everything was okay, and she went: “yes, the neck measures 2.1mm, which is perfect.” At that point I didn’t even believe her. I just kept looking at the screen and found it abnormally thick. But then the high risk professor who handles my case came into the room with a happy face and went: “Alright, I’m relieved to tell you that everything looks absolutely perfect. We’ll do the standard blood test just to confirm, but based on the ultrasound today, we’re not expecting anything negative.”

On a funny side: because the two previous ultrasounds had shown a baby that was apparently sound asleep and didn’t move at all, I had decided to drink some Fanta before my appointment. I had read that this can wake up the baby and trigger some very visible activity. All I have to say is: IT WORKS. Holy crap! lol That baby was moving all over the place, haha! The arms, the legs, the head. Everything was moving. It kept touching its face with its little hands and did the cutest movements. At one point it seemed to be hiccuping. The doctor said the stomach and bladder were nice and full, because Baby just recently started drinking amniotic fluid.

Then she scared me again when she said she’d look at the heart and blood flow to see if the heart wasn’t leaking. OMG! LEAKING??? I had never even thought of that!! Should have seen my face. I just kept staring at the little heart on the screen and of course I don’t understand shit of it all. She went all silent while she was checking out a bunch of things, and then went: nope, no leakage. Everything’s fine.

Jesus, woman! Don’t scare me like that.

She also added that the placenta is positioned nicely forward, which is the best and should make Baby’s kicks easy to feel in a few months.

After the ultrasound, I went to the nurse to get my blood drawn for the 12 week screening, and it didn’t go very well. I think I had been too worried and nervous beforehand. She initially put the needle in my right arm, and everything went fine for about 15 seconds. Then my blood basically completely stopped coming out lol It was the weirdest thing. She tried to get things moving a bit, but then messed up in the process and eventually had to give up on my right arm entirely. We did a second try on my left arm with a miniature needle (lol!), and thank God that ended up going alright. But the entire process took about 20 minutes and I’m now left with bruises. Oh well, small sacrifice I guess.

I have to call on Monday to get my results. And of course I’m a bit nervous about it. Although my common sense is telling me that most likely everything is alright. I will only feel more confident about it once I know for sure.