Week 13 – Start of my second trimester!

Finally, I’ve started my second trimester. It still doesn’t feel like I’m that far along though.

I just went through all my past pictures and noticed in the very beginning you could see it was growing pretty low down, while now it’s like my entire abdominal area has grown over the entire length. It’s almost like I’m carrying this baby all the way up to my chest. I can definitely feel it sitting quite low though, so I guess that’s just how my body’s dealing with it. Weird.

The baby should now apparently measure about 7.4cm and weigh 23 grams. The little eyes remain shut for now. And the skin is still translucent, making all the tiny veins and bones visible (creepy).

The past couple of days have been a bit uncomfortable for me, as far as the growth goes. Even though I haven’t felt the baby move yet, I could feel a pressure on my bladder last night. And certain sleeping positions, like flat on my back have become impossible. I always assumed this would only start much later, like around the third trimester or something. Because quite frankly, it’s not that big yet.

We’ve also had to deal with a broken heater since last weekend. It’s taking forever to get fixed. So far, we’ve managed to get it going a few hours each morning. Just long enough to take a shower (since it’s linked to our hot water as well), and to heat the house up a little bit, before it fails on us again until the next day. Pffft. Nothing seems to be going right lately.

Let’s hope things will get better soon!

♥︎ Lisa