Week 15 – Couldn’t be bothered with pictures

I’m well into week 15 right now. I seriously couldn’t be bothered last week to take my weekly belly picture. I figured I would catch up this week, but I’m not sure it will happen after all … Maybe on Sunday. We’ll see. Pffft, it’s no big deal.

I think I felt the baby move last week (week 14). I did once at home during dinner, and then a few days later at the grocery store. It felt like something was gliding against me from the inside. It didn’t feel like anything else before, so I can only assume this was (probably) the baby moving. It’s still too early to know for sure though. It was quite subtle. And if I had been busy with other stuff, I could have easily overlooked it. I wonder when I will feel it for sure. I guess maybe in a month or so from now.

There was one creepy incident though on Wednesday evening. I was on the couch, watching TV, when I suddenly felt this little hard bump poking out. My first reaction was pure disgust. I felt it with my hand and I can only assume it was the baby’s head. EW! It was so tiny. I didn’t think this was supposed to happen so early on? What in the world?

Anyway, September can’t come fast enough. I’m still so full of worries and still 22 weeks away from being considered full term. That’s 5.5 months! Sometimes I feel like I will never get there safely.

We went to my third appointment this past Wednesday. It all seemed to be going quite well. We got the hear the baby’s heartbeat, which was perfect. And even heard it move. So it’s still as active as last month. I had to give a quick urine sample (fun times), which seemed okay. But they sent it to the lab for further testing, and I got a call this morning saying that they suspect I may have some type of infection which needs to be checked out more thoroughly. Now I’m worried, because on Wednesday, they told me they monitor infections closely since they can cause premature labor. This can’t happen before I reach my 37th week, because that’s when the baby will be considered full term and viable. If it’s born earlier than 37 weeks, and –even worse– before 32 weeks, there’s a risk of development issues.

It all seems so far away, still :-/

♥︎ Lisa