Week 17 – First maternity pants

Oh boy, I really let this blog go over the past few weeks. Sorry about that!

So here I am, at week 17, feeling quite alright overall. Still a tiny bit nauseous every now and then, but definitely much better than during the first trimester. My belly is growing and I feel like my brain needs a little time to catch up with the fact that my body’s not the same now. I still look at myself as my pre-pegnancy skinny self, but truth is, my pants no longer fit. I can still wear some of my favorite sweat pants, and probably will during my whole pregnancy since they’re very stretchy and low waist. However, my decent trousers are impossible to wear at this point and I can’t keep going out in public like a slob in sweats. So it was time for an upgrade.

Not necessarily the type of pants I was looking for, but these maternity jeans are the only thing that fit me somewhat well. Although now that I’ve been wearing them for two days, I have to admit they tend to drop a little as I’m walking and moving around. I keep having to pull them back up a bit. Quite annoying! I guess I’m not big enough yet for the large belly band to do its job.

I have to say though, they are insanely comfortable. Maybe a bit too long, but I seriously can’t be bothered to get these hemmed, so they’ll just have to do like this. I don’t care.

As far as our baby’s concerned: it now measures about 13cm (that’s without the legs apparently …) and weighs 140 grams. The veins that have been showing through the skin are slowly becoming less obvious as fat formation begins. Baby is now able to taste what I eat. Since I’m obsessed with anything containing tomatoes lately, I can already tell you we have a pizza and pasta lover in the making here.

Three more weeks before we find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl. And as silly as it may sound, it makes me super excited about the cards we’ll be sending out to everyone. They’ll either be blue or pink, and will contain a sonogram picture as well as the first name we’ve chosen, plus the expected due month since most people outside our close family can never seem to remember lol I don’t blame them. I don’t think anyone actually ever sends out gender and name reveal cards during pregnancy. But I figured why not! It’s a fun little gesture. And I figured some people will probably not like the name we’ve chosen – I mean, there are bound to be at least a few, right? Can’t please everyone! – so this will give them time to get used to the idea before the baby’s born. If someone feels the need to share their hatred for the name, I’d rather they do it before I meet my baby. Because once the baby’s here and that I’ve fallen in love with it, my reaction to criticism probably won’t be as diplomatic.

We’ve somewhat settled on a boy name, finally. I feel pretty good about it, and it makes me much more confident about both genders. I feel like now that we have a name for both, I won’t be disappointed either way :-) I felt so bad when we only had a girl name picked out. I felt like I would then be disappointed if it turns out to be a boy. But now I’m all good!

Anyway, we got to pick up a ton of free baby stuff at Gert’s brother’s place. It’s really insane how much they gave us. There’s all the furniture to fill an entire nursery, carriers, accessories, bibs, crib linens, etc. I’m forever thankful! This saves us so much money, wow. Jules has already tested the high chair and approves …