Week 19 – I suddenly got huge!

Yikes, I missed last week’s update. Oh well! We’ve been so busy these past few weeks, it’s ridiculous. I wish I could dedicate more time to this website. My twitter and instagram accounts have gone mute as well. I really need to catch up!

Anyway, here I am, 19 weeks pregnant. I have suddenly gotten pretty massive. I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy, so it’s a bit scary to think that this belly will be growing even more for yet another four months and a half. SCARY.

I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the baby several times a day now, but it’s still quite subtle and hard to identify for sure each time. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just my own muscles spasming or what. Although I have seen some bumps going up and down, so I’m assuming that was definitely the baby. Gert keeps trying to catch it, but as soon as he places his hand on my belly, the baby seems to stop moving completely lol Poor Gert!

The baby does seem to recognize the difference and apparently knows when it’s my hand, because it starts moving a few moments after I lay my hand on my belly; almost every time. It’s quite bizarre.

This week’s baby facts are: it measures a little over 15cm (still measured without the legs at this point) and weighs 240 grams. The baby is now covered with vernix; which is a white coating that protects the skin from damage in the womb. Some babies actually keep this coating until birth, but it decreases as the delivery date gets closer. The baby’s gender could now be identified on an ultrasound. He or she is awake 6 hours a day right now.

Gert put together the adorable little crib we got from his brother and wife. Of course Jules had to give it a try as soon as it was done …

There’s a swing mechanism we can either use or block with a simple pin, so that’s neat. All the baby furniture we got from them is in the same kind of wood, so that’s what the nursery will consist of. We will only start working on the actual room as of July. I can’t wait to make it all cute and pretty! We don’t know yet whether we’re going to have a boy or a girl (we’ll find out next Wednesday!), but we’ve already decided that the nursery will be painted in pale yellow, combined with white, and maybe with some hints of pale green and a few touches of brown here and there.

I have pinned these few pictures on my Houzz account for inspiration. Although I have to say our room is a lot smaller, so I’m not sure we’ll achieve the same effect. But that’s the kind of vibe I’d like to go for:

I’d like to add a bunch of brown plush toys, such as these:

There has to be at least one giraffe, and a grumpy cat! lol

We’ll find out the baby’s gender next Wednesday, May 14th! Oh my God, I can’t wait!!! I won’t be posting it on this website right away though. I’d like to first tell our friends and family, so the website will have to wait a few more weeks!

♥︎ Lisa