Week 20 – We know the gender!

Oooo, I’m so excited about this past week! We found out the baby’s gender a few days ago. I won’t mention any clues for now. I want to first tell all our friends and family before posting it online.

Here’s what I look like today:

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment! I think the second trimester ease has finally settled in. Four more months before the big day! I’m really quite happy about the timing of this pregnancy, because I’ll be spending my last trimester in the Summer. Fingers crossed for no lengthy heat waves; as this would be the only down side to it. On all the plus sides: Gert will have two months off in July and August, which will give us plenty of time to work on the baby’s room and to finish all the last preparations before September. So I should be able to spend my last few weeks quite peacefully. And since it will be Summer, clothes will be easier to deal with. No coats or sweaters to worry about with a growing belly.

I’m busy preparing our little gender/name reveal cards that we’ll be sending out to everybody in the next few days. Although there’s a last minute hesitation about the name … oy.

It will feature Wednesday’s sonogram picture on the front. It’s a profile shot with a little arm and hand under the chin. And I will also decorate the front with white satin bows. The inside of the card will mention the gender, and maybe the name if we decide for sure before we send them. I’ll post a picture of the finished result as soon as everyone has received them.

The baby was hiccuping at one point during the ultrasound, but mainly seemed to be sleeping during most of it. It was definitely less active than last time; which made some measurements a bit more difficult as it wouldn’t change position. One of the aspects they wanted to look at in detail was to measure the risk of a premature birth. In the end, the doctor managed to get all the needed information, and it turns out that the risk of going into labor before week 37 is only 3%. That’s apparently exceptionally low, as the average % for the whole population is about 8%. So I *should* be cool until mid-September.

This week’s baby details: It measures 25.6cm and weighs 300 grams. The baby is fully formed and all the supplied energy is now used to gain weight. I can definitely feel it kicking and moving at this point. Although it still remains hard to feel from the outside (with our hands placed on my belly). The doctor did say that the baby is positioned quite deep in the back, which does make movements a little harder to feel than most pregnancies. He assured us this is nothing to worry about and doesn’t affect anything in terms of health.

So, this is all good news :-) And now we can finally start buying gender-specific clothes and toys!

♥︎ Lisa