Week 22 – Sam is becoming very active

This is what I look like at 22 weeks …

I think clothes make a world of a difference at this point. I feel like I look bigger in the bare belly picture than the one with the sweater covering it up. Or maybe I’m just totally delusional and I look the same in both.

Whatever the case, I don’t really care right now. It’s not like there’s much I can do about it until he’s born. I did gain a little over 9 kilos though, and that scared me a bit when I stepped on the scale this week. But I checked out the weight gain chart, and apparently I’m still within the healthy average. Good enough for me!

Sam has gotten extremely active over the past week or two. I used to only feel him kicking about 3 times a day barely a month ago. His schedule was like clockwork. Started at noon, then again at 4PM, and one last time around 8PM. Now he’s moving all over the place from 7AM to midnight. Maybe even while I’m sleeping, but if that’s the case, it hasn’t woken me up yet.

Clothes are becoming a challenge though. I still live in sweat pants and that one pair of maternity jeans. Blah. I have stretchy skirts that still fit, but the weather isn’t generally warm enough, and pairing them with tights is … well, tight. Tops and sweaters are also starting to reach their stretching limit, which sucks, as I was hoping to still be able to wear them the whole Summer. But I’m starting to realize that my brilliant strategy is slowly sailing away …. Pffft. Not looking forward to shopping for more maternity clothes. It feels like such a waste of money since I will only need this for a few months.

Baby facts for this week are: he measures 28cm and weighs 430 grams. Not bad, huh! Right now, he weighs about one seventh of his final weight and is still pretty skinny and wrinkly. Hair has also started growing, but it’s still white, as pigmentation hasn’t developed yet.

That’s about it for now. More later!

♥︎ Lisa