Week 28 – So tired, but 70% complete!

I feel sooooo tired these days. We actually found out last week why that is. I had a glucose test a couple of weeks ago, and while the blood results came back fine, they did show that my iron has dropped a bit. It’s no big deal, but just enough to make me sleepy some days. The doctor hesitated to prescribe iron supplements, but then figured it may be best to go ahead and take them, since I just started my last trimester and it apparently takes a month and a half to build up. So, she didn’t want to risk me being any weaker come September.

We attended our very first prenatal class at the hospital last Tuesday, July 1st. There were about 8 more couples in our group. We had to introduce ourselves, which quickly made it clear that I’m the only housewife who’ll be staying home with the baby lol And to make me look like an even bigger uneducated cliché, I was the only one who had obviously not read ANYTHING about labor and birth. Way to go, Lisa! *woot woot* My logic was: I’m not going to scare myself with gory details; since I’ve already booked these classes, they’ll tell me what I need to know. So I didn’t want to stress myself in advance. But now I felt like the awkward kid at school who didn’t read the assignment and sits there quietly hoping not to be noticed or questioned lol

The information was interesting though. We also got to see an educational movie about birthing, which luckily was less gross than I had feared. This was partly thanks to the shabby quality of the projector. So yay for that!

This evening, we’ll be attending our second class, which will include a tour of the maternity ward. I’m actually most excited about this! I feel that if I can already see where everything will happen, then it won’t feel so much like stepping into the unknown. And it will ultimately help me worry less.

We have started emptying Gert’s office this week, which will become Sam’s nursery. I’ve already gotten a few paint swatches from the store to try on the walls, and some will be used to paint these cute little bird houses I got a while ago for about 1€ / piece.

cheap diy wooden birdhouses to paint plain handmade craft decoration nursery baby bedroom child cute adorable idea interior

And then we’ll empty our bedroom and give it a new coat of fresh paint as well + change the furniture around to include mine. This is totally unrelated to the baby, but still something I’m really looking forward to. I just can’t stand our bedroom anymore as it is right now.

As for Sam, he seems to be doing very well! Moving a lot, day and night, nice strong heart beat (last measured at 140 bpm). I’m obviously hoping for a strong and healthy baby, like any mother I’m sure.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. No belly shot today, but I’ll catch up later this week or during the weekend, God knows.

♥︎ Lisa