Week 29 – Running out of time

Nearing the end of week #29 … here’s what I look like at the moment:

It’s weird how quickly you can get used to a whole new body. Don’t get me wrong, the growing belly is uncomfortable as ever, and I can’t wait for it to be over. But I mean, looks-wise, I think it suits me alright (if I may say so myself lol).

Obviously though, the bare belly pictures are less flattering than those where I’m wearing proper clothes. But that’s okay, I don’t mind. I think it’s fun to see it progressing. I’m planning to make a whole memory book of the pregnancy + Sam’s first year, which will include these belly shots.

Although I have totally failed to take one a week, as I had originally planned. Oh well! Close enough. It’s not that big of a deal.

Overall, I’m feeling okay now. Except for heartburn and leg cramps.

Fatigue is no longer an issue, so I’m guessing the iron supplements have done their job. I stopped taking them because I felt fine and didn’t see any point to it anymore. But if I ever get really tired again, I’ll know I need to get back on them right away. The side effects were annoying, so I’m hoping I can get by without them from now on.

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of July. There is still so much to do before this baby arrives! The nursery is far from done. And I feel like I can’t do a proper inventory of what we’re missing until everything we have so far has been put into place.

I’m also still debating whether closet dividers such as these would be useful or not:

6 custom yellow bee honeycomb pattern closet dividers plastic discs watch me grow stickers on etsy gender neutral for baby clothes sizes sizing months
photo credit Watch Me Grow Stickers on Etsy

Such a detail, I know! But I can imagine it may be handy when you have a closet full of sizes ranging from newborn up to 12 months. We don’t have many baby clothes yet though, so building up a bigger stash is getting quite urgent now. Gert’s brother keeps saying not to buy anything because we’ll be getting a lot of hand-me-downs from them, but time is passing and still nothing … So screw it, we’ve started buying. Only 10 weeks to go, if this baby doesn’t come early. We can’t risk having him without anything to clothe the poor thing. We found a super cheap store about 15min away and bought a whole basket full of clothes there for a total of 20€. Wow! I seriously need to go back there soon lol

We’ll be attending our very last prenatal class this coming Tuesday. It makes me a bit sad; which I know is silly! But it’s a once in a lifetime experience. I mean, obviously, we won’t be attending these again, even if we ever expect another baby later on. Because they’re only useful for first time parents like us who have no clue what they’re stepping into.

All emotional silliness aside, those classes are very interesting. Last week’s topic was breastfeeding; which we were completely clueless about, so we definitely learned a lot there. The week before that, we got to visit the entire maternity ward. That was pretty cool. Now I know what the actual delivery room looks like and where I’ll be staying the following days. I also got to see what color the walls and bed sheets are, so I can make sure my outfits, as well as the baby’s will be color coordinated with everything so we can take flawless pictures. Yes, I know, I’m ridiculous like that! ;-)

♥︎ Lisa