Week 30 – Swollen feet!

Do you know how often I’ve heard people say “oh, poor thing, her last trimester falls right during Summer“, like it’s the most horrible thing ever? Truth be told: Summer heat isn’t killing me like most seem to think. In fact, I’d be perfectly fine … if it wasn’t for swollen feet :-S

I don’t know if this is bound to happen anyway during the last few months, or if it really is heat related. But in any case, it SUCKS. None of my shoes fit anymore. Flip flops are the only thing I can manage at the moment, but they’re very flat and so not exactly ideal either. Bleh.

The only thing that seems to help right now is to not walk too much and to soak them in water, like an old lady …


Leg cramps are still ruining my nights, while stomach acid seems to have taken a seat back. The biggest difference I’m starting to notice with my “normal self” is that I can’t walk long distances anymore. I hope I can get back into shape quite quickly after this. I can’t stand being limited so much these days. It’s frustrating. Although, on a more positive side, I no longer experience fatigue like I did a while ago.

Anyway, enough whining! We’re currently busy getting the nursery ready. My goal was to have it finished by the end of July, which is clearly not the case …

The ceiling got two coats of fresh white paint. And you can see we’ve already tried some swatches on the walls. We’ve settled on “sunrise yellow”, which is a few shades lighter than the current color. I want to tone it down, because right now it’s bright yellow and it drives me a bit crazy.

Gert is doing most of the physical work. Bless him. He’s so dedicated.

Tomorrow will be our last ultrasound! Last time we’ll see Sam on screen. The next time we’ll see him will be face to face :-)

I think I felt him hiccup for the first time this week. My belly kept going up and down every two seconds lol I had heard from other pregnant women that this was a common thing to feel, but I had never felt it until now. I think he’s also running out of room, because the way he moves has changed during the last few weeks.

I hope he’s in the right position. We’ll find out tomorrow. I don’t want a c-section. So, fingers crossed!

♥︎ Lisa