Week 34 – One more month!

So here I am, getting bigger and bigger.

pregnancy pregnant belly shot portrait week 34 third 3rd last trimester white bodycon cotton dress stretchy

I wore this dress exactly one year ago on our honeymoon. Which is why I absolutely wanted to try it on again this week, as we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Since the dress is quite stretchy, I had hopes it would still fit, and it does! … kind of :-p

I haven’t updated in a month because things have just been too busy this Summer. We’ve been working so hard, trying to get everything finished before the baby arrives. We got most done, but sadly not 100% of everything I had planned. Oh well. We just accept the fact now that the rest will happen after he’s born, and that’s okay.

Here’s a little preview of the nursery, which is still a work in progress…

nursery in progress baby room bedroom crib gender neutral yellow green pastel colors ikea toys wooden furniture interior decoration inspiration ideas home cozy warm beautiful themed

All the wall decoration still needs to be done, and we’re also missing a matching rug and a mobile to hang above the crib. But worst case, we’ll just get those later. It’s not like Sam will notice and rate our decorating skills during the first few weeks of his life anyway! I had planned to invite my whole family around the end of August – in other words, NOW – to see the finished nursery and enjoy an afternoon all together, one last time before Sam arrives. But, it’s obvious now that I was a little too optimistic about that … We’re still working around the house every single day, with not one minute to waste, so it doesn’t look like we will get a chance to invite anyone anymore before September. Oh well.

In any case, I will post larger and more detailed pictures as soon as the nursery has come a little further along.

As far as the pregnancy is concerned: everything seems to be going smoothly. Sam is head down, like he should be. I feel like he’s getting so tall! But maybe that’s just an impression? The doctor didn’t really comment when I mentioned it. She just shrugged and smiled. I guess maybe she hears this every day. But they did tell us a few weeks ago that his weight seems to be a little heavier than average. I asked if this could be a concern for natural birth, and the doctor responded “we’ll try to do everything naturally.” Uhm. What do you mean, we’ll try? *gasp*

As for me: things are getting a bit uncomfortable, although still manageable. I still have leg cramps and stomach acid. At this point, I’m not even hoping anymore to get rid of these two issues while still pregnant. It’s only 5 more weeks, so, I’ll just suck it up for the remaining time. Most nights are okay. Some are not at all. But I’m still sleeping with my regular two pillows, so that’s good. I keep hearing about how many use those gigantic pregnancy pillows. I honestly wouldn’t know where to store such a bulky item. Our bedroom is small and our cupboards are full, and I hate clutter, so … needless to say it will never enter this house.

We’ve bought a few more baby clothes since we still don’t have much. I’ve now focused on one piece pajamas with closed feet. Next thing I should stock up on are socks. I only have 5 or 6 pairs, which is ridiculous. But oh well, I think we have all the essentials covered now. And worst case, I’ll just run the washing machine more often so I won’t run out of clean clothes for our little guy.

Next on my to do list: prepare my hospital bag. I got a check list from the hospital and I actually don’t have half the items that are listed … so this will be fun to tackle this week. Eh.

That’s about it for now. I feel like I forgot to mention a million things. But if I think of anything later on, I’ll just add it in my next post!

♥︎ Lisa