Week 35 – Uncomfortable As Ever

Here I am today:

pregnancy auto self portrait home belly pictures front side profile idea week 35 third last trimester black and white juicy couture sweatpants maternity outfit flip flops

I don’t find it particularly attractive, but I realize it may be a once in a lifetime experience, so I still want to keep track of absolutely every detail! We do talk about more children every once in a while, but not in a super serious way just yet. We’ll see how it goes with this first one, and then we’ll take it from there. Also, a lot can happen. I mean, I’ve learned not to take pregnancy for granted. So, until we actually have baby #2 in our arms, I’ll just assume that this could be a unique experience.

I’m back to living in sweat pants as I’ve now outgrown my maternity pants a bit. I don’t mind the maternity ones for a few hours when we go out somewhere and I have to look somewhat put together. But as soon as I’m home, I ditch them for sweats. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be wearing sweats after I’ve given birth. And I’ve already decided I’ll wear my black ones when I come home from the hospital.

Speaking of which; I have yet to start packing my hospital bag. It’s getting embarrassing! I do have a proper “what to pack” list printed out now, so that’s a start! I should SERIOUSLY start packing at least the first few items this weekend. Seriously.

It looks like we have JUST enough newborn clothes to cover the hospital stay. I guess I’ll be washing clothes as soon as I come home, because we won’t exactly have a ton of extra waiting in Sam’s closet. *sigh* I still feel a bit bitter about the whole baby clothes fiasco, but oh well. We’ll manage.

The finishing touches of the nursery are also dragging their feet. Still none of the wall decoration has been put up, due to a plain lack of time. We keep trying to squeeze as much as we can into one day, but 24 hours are never enough. A few days ago, we did put up these shelves above the changing table:

nursery in progress white wooden ikea shelf gender neutral yellow paint walls owl stuffed animal toy cute baby room bedroom changing table

nursery in progress white wooden ikea shelf gender neutral yellow paint walls owl stuffed animal toy cute baby room bedroom changing table

They were originally hanging in my bedroom, back at my old place before we got married and moved in together:

my old bedroom bachelorette pad house home vintage classic european wooden furniture mirror wardrobe bed and ikea shelf seat corner white samsung flatscreen tv painting europe french country cottage style interior decoration

It’s quite funny how absolutely none of the furniture in the nursery is new, yet it all sort of works and matches nicely. The picture above of my old bedroom also shows the painting I’m planning to put above the crib, as well as the seat that now stands next to the crib and will be used for feedings.

Anyway, this belly is getting quite uncomfortable. I absolutely can’t bend anymore, so putting on shoes and socks has become a bit of an issue. My fingers are constantly swollen, but they get the worst during the night and it’s really painful at times. I really have it all: shortness of breath, stomach acid, leg cramps, and my hips and back feel like they’re 80 years old. But I realize this is the very end, so I try not to make a big deal of it and I’m really just looking forward to getting my body back soon!

Sam is doing very well. I can feel him move almost constantly now. And it makes it a lot more real that there is indeed a little person in there. I’ve already learned to recognize some of his reactions, and how to soothe him when he seems to be restless. It’s so weird to me how such things are even possible before birth.

Anyway, this was a long update, but I haven’t exactly posted a lot this past month. So this should make up for it! My next appointment is this coming Wednesday. So I’ll try to write a new update around then.

♥︎ Lisa