Week 37 – Full Term!

I am officially considered full term as of this week. Yay! The doctors estimate his arrival around September 27th, so we could still have 2 more weeks to go. But he could basically come any day now. I hope we don’t go past the 27th though; which is apparently not uncommon for firstborns, especially little boys. I have no idea why, or if there’s even any truth to it. That’s just what I keep hearing.

So this is me, looking huge:

I couldn’t be bothered with inside pictures this time, nor bare belly ones. The weather is nice, I felt like updating my blog right now, so I asked Gert to quickly snap a photo in our yard and be done with it. Knowing my luck, I bet it’s going to rain like crazy on D-day. So it’s nice to have at least one sunny memory :-p

We were invited to a friend’s house last weekend and received a bunch of second hand stuff for free. Among which an AWESOME car seat for newborn in brand new condition. The guy has two children, but it’s like it has never been used. Jules loved it right away …

We had received a different one previously from someone else, but it was a bit raggedy and I didn’t feel confident using it to transport the baby home from the hospital. So this one came right in the nick of time. It’s exactly what I had in mind. I’m super thankful for it!

In other news, I have finally packed my hospital bags. I followed the hospital’s instruction sheet, so there’s one small trolley for the delivery room and one larger suitcase for the actual hospital stay after birth. And then I added an extra beauty case, because it didn’t fit into anything. Maybe I’ll make a separate post about it. I have some updates about the baby’s room I’d like to share as well, but no time right now.

As for me, I think I look better than how I actually feel:

This picture was taken exactly 6 days ago, when I was suffering a terrible cold and that my sciatic nerve got stuck, leaving me practically unable to walk. I’ve been wobbling around for a week now. It’s terrible. I’m guessing the baby is outgrowing his space and is pushing against some nerves. The pain shoots from my lower back all the way through my right leg, down to my foot. It really sucks. And add to that the fact that I caught a cold that has me coughing like crazy 200 times a day … it’s needless to say that things could be better right now. I have apparently managed to contaminate both my mom and Gert’s dad :-s I can only hope we’ll all heal fast before this baby arrives!

This week also marks the beginning of my very first Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re like some sort of rehearsal contractions; not the real deal. My belly gets hard as a rock but not really painful. The doctor said that once it gets painful and reaches all the way through my back, then we’ll most likely be talking about real labor. So for now it looks like I’m still cool. They’re right about it not being painful, but I’m not sure I’d call it pleasant either. It’s really quite uncomfortable and seems to mainly happen at night for some reason. So when I turn around in bed, it feels like I’m carrying a giant rock. I swear it makes my belly feel heavier than usual. Poor Sam seems to go completely quiet during those times. He also HATES when I try to make my back bones pop to release the tension. It’s when I basically tense up my muscles and move a certain way so that my hip and back bones crack. I can literally hear it and it relieves the pain for a bit, but I guess Sam hears it even more from the inside and it really seems to startle him. I can feel him shake like you’d expect from someone who gets scared about a sudden loud noise. I can’t help but feel bad for him and even caught myself talking and consoling him last time it happened :-s At least he seems to be used to me coughing now, which also scared him before. Poor baby!

At this point I’m 99% ready for him to come. There are still a few minor things on my to-do list, but they’re just details, so it’s okay if they don’t get done in time. I’m so ready to meet our little guy :-)

♥︎ Lisa