Week 38 – Almost there!

Hooray, I made it to week 38! I know they consider the baby to be full term as of week 37, but I feel a little better now knowing that he made it that extra week, at least. Next week should be the last one.

Here’s what I look like today:

Basically, like crap. My whole body was aching so bad I couldn’t be bothered to do my hair. I look exhausted because I haven’t slept properly in a while, my belly is so huge that I can’t fit into any decent clothes anymore and this is all I got for this weather right now. But you know, I’m 9 months pregnant, so I’m really not fussed about it at this point. Although I’m definitely planning to get back into a somewhat acceptable shape after giving birth. I’m cutting myself some slack while I’m still pregnant. Hell, I didn’t even take decent pictures this time. It’s from an odd angle and my feet are cut off; so that says a lot about my energy level at the moment!

Funny fact that I always forget to mention, this is where I feel little baby feet kicking:

On the upper right side of my belly.

I went to the hospital on Wednesday for a checkup and the doctor didn’t see any sign whatsoever that labor is on the way. I felt a bit bummed about that. I’m okay with it taking another week, but the estimated due date is getting close and I’m now worried we’ll go past it. This is mainly because my hips, back and legs have been killing me for two weeks now. I’ll survive dealing with this another week, but once the due date comes around, I’ll be ready for it to be over.

Gert and I were both taken by surprise when the doctor asked if we’d like to induce labor. We both just sort of looked at each other with this blank face, like, “uhmm what” lol I told the doctor it’s okay for now, despite the pain and being unable to walk properly, but that maybe we’ll discuss it again if we go past our due date. I’m still surprised this was brought up before week 40. I suppose she sees a lot of women who are hurting so bad that they can’t take it anymore. Maybe I’ll be begging too in a week from now! She did tell us that whatever happens, they won’t let it go past 10 days. Five would sound better to me though :-p

With each day that passes, we’re wondering more and more whether we’ll have a September baby or an October baby.

For whatever random reason, Thursday evening was absolutely horrible for me. I suddenly felt soooo exhausted, like all my energy was leaving my body. I was cold, I had a hard time breathing, I felt insanely uncomfortable, practically couldn’t walk at all and just didn’t know what position to sit or lay down. Just AWFUL. Then Sam started moving like never before, and it almost felt like he was about to turn around completely. It actually hurt! He kept moving and kicking hard for a good 15 minutes, and then finally calmed down. I’m thinking he may be running out of room and was trying to find a more comfortable position or something. He scared me the same way the night before, when I suddenly saw his bum moving in the wrong direction. I thought for sure he was about to go head up and legs down! The perspective of a C-section delivery flashed before my eyes and I panicked hard. I tried to push his butt back up where it used to be LOL! He quickly gave up and went back into his good old position. His antics from Thursday must have tired him, because he was much calmer the next day. Thank God. I mean, he’s so big now, any movement feels unpleasant. I just hope he’s feeling okay in there.

Gert absolutely wanted to go shopping for baptism gifts, which around here traditionally include dragees (= small sugar coated chocolates that look like pebbles). I thought it was way too early for that. But then he did have a point when he asked me if I’m sure I’d feel like taking care of such details once the baby’s born. And as I felt a little better yesterday, we headed to the store and picked out everything. I’ll probably put it all together either this weekend or early next week. The only thing we’ll have to write on them after Sam arrives is his birth date and baptism day. I’m not going to reveal them yet, but I’ll make a separate post about it after he’s been baptized.

We also found a totally useless but absolutely adorable decoration piece for his room while shopping:

4€ didn’t break the bank :-p
In other news, the birdhouses are drying! Praise the Lord! The largest one still has some wet trims, but everything else is fine now. So I’m hopeful we can put it all up while I’m still pregnant.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Isn’t it exciting how we have no idea whether there will be a “week 39” post? ;-)

♥︎ Lisa