Week 8 – First Appointment Done!

Yay! The first big step has been done: we went to our very first appointment, which included our first ultrasound. I was so stressed, it was ridiculous. It took about an hour and a half total. First they took me into one office to note my weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, fill out some basic questions and then I had to take a pee test for them to check my sugar and protein levels. Everything was fine. I did gain 2 kilos though … oops. Then they brought us into another office for the rest.

I couldn’t wait for the ultrasound!!!! It was to the point where I almost didn’t care about any other info they were mentioning lol I just wanted to see my baby. It was much more overwhelming than I had anticipated. We saw the little bub in there with its heart flickering in the middle. I was shocked; the shape we saw in black & white matched exactly this picture from the pregnancy App:

We could clearly see the head, the body, little limb buds and a bright little heart. The dr said we wouldn’t even try to listen to the heart this time, because they don’t like to use these types of waves on such young embryos. But since we could clearly see it, they measured the rate

visually, which was 176 beats per minute. An excellent rate, apparently. We did hold our breath when he said he’d check to see if there were any more embryos lol! Luckily it’s definitely just one. Whew! At one point, the baby was even moving. We couldn’t believe our eyes! The dr said “did you just see that? It’s amazing how they can already move this early on”. I’m not much of a crier in general, but I suddenly felt overwhelmed by it all and tears started flowing. I guess I do have a mushy side after all!

Gert was so disappointed we didn’t get a copy of the sonogram picture lol I didn’t really mind. I kind of figured we wouldn’t get one yet, since there wasn’t even any space for it in my pregnancy book. It does look like we’ll get one in four weeks, though.

They normally only do 3 ultrasounds total. But we managed to squeeze a 4th one in there :-p All my future appointments have already been scheduled, right up until my due date. So I’m definitely happy about that, because that way I know for sure my spots are already secured. And because I handled everything so early, we also have all our classes planned and reserved in advance. Most of those classes are scheduled for July, so that’s still quite a while from now, but they said those spots get booked incredibly fast, so high five to myself!

I’m pretty sure I was 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant at my first appointment, but they measured the baby to be 8 weeks and 5 days (at exactly 1.5cm). Seems a little off to me, but maybe we just have a big baby? Anyway, based on this, they estimated my due date around September 27th. The online calculator said September 30th. Not a big difference! The odds for a September baby (instead of an October baby) have thus gone up a little. Although I guess it’s still a bit on the fence … we’ll see.

All in all, I don’t think anyone can notice yet that I’m pregnant. With the right clothing, it’s impossible to tell. But if I’ve just eaten a big meal and wear unflattering tops like this, then here’s the catastrophic result:

lol! This picture is so ridiculous. I can’t help but laugh at how inappropriately far along I look.

As far as symptoms are concerned, it’s getting better. Nausea is still present; it just depends on the days. Some days are great, like today. And then some days … ehhh! What really helps is a glass of ice cold Coca Cola with big ice cubes in it. I had sworn myself not to drink any of that junk during my pregnancy, but now it’s the only thing that helps me through some mornings. Figures.

Anyway, that’s about it for now! More news later :-)

♥︎ Lisa